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A Qwaider-ical Moment

I never got too hung up on Qwaider’s old rants and exposés about the seemingly odd behavior of the “gentle gender” — that is of course before he got tamed 🙂 . After all, i am not much of a “zeer” with the ladies, and my encounters thus far have been all orderly and humane :-p.

But that all changed today. I was out with a bunch of friends with some history between them. One of them had a “not so secret” crush on one of the guys who didn’t seem to reciprocate or care. However in that lady’s mind, she was already married to him and he was her property (almost literally). Not only that, but she was also jealous of any other woman talking to him .. ever!

In her mind she had a competitor (a dorra) which was another lady in our group who she met through him. That “dorra” knew the guy from high school and they had much in common. The crazed lady recently learned that her “dorra” had previously gotten engaged and broke her engagement, and today she decided to take a swipe at that!!! So we were there eating and chatting, and all of a sudden she goes: “Wow S., you and her have a lot in common, no wonder she broke up with her fiancé to hang out with you” !!!!

Needless to say that was very awkward and impolite. I mean, how dare she exploit her imaginary “competitor”‘s private life like that! And to do that in public with the rest of us around ! I still can’t believe that. Of course my friend was shocked and didn’t know what to do. He had nothing going on with his old school friend, yet that crazy woman is making some very ugly remarks .. and in public!

I don’t know what to say but, Qwaider: 1 — Crazy Women: 0