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“Egyptian Language” Wikipedia

Have you noticed the new Egyptian-accent Wikipedia ? This is actually true! Some articles are written in “Egyptian”, there is an Egyptian portal, and a full-Egyptian version of Wikipedia. I think this is odd (to say the least).

I have to say, i find the Egyptian search boxes funny 🙂

Are they doing this to promote easy use of Wikipedia to Egyptians ? After all there is a “Simple English” version of Wikipedia. I don’t know .. but i still think it is a bit odd.

Facebook for the lonely

I was messing around on facebook.com when i accidentally stumbled upon these weird features:

Facebook Poking

Now, how lonely would you be if you would have to “Poke Yourself” to be amused ?? Not to mention that it seems dirty and/or insulting 🙂 “Go poke yourself” doesn’t sound like a particularly good statement to say :-p.

Additionally, why would you ever need the functionality to “Send a Message” to yourself on facebook ?