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Shot him, Yes; Killed him, No; The case of a journalist killed

Reuters cameraman Fadel Shana was shot dead by an Israeli tank shell in April of this year. Of course it is internationally illegal and forbidden to shoot at journalists covering conflict zones. An Israeli investigation was opened as to why was Shana shot dead even though he was wearing a “press vest”, and was moving in a car clearly marked as “TV”.

Today, the investigation concluded, and i quote:

The Israeli troops that were responsible for firing a shell at him [Shana], were not responsible for his death nor the death of eight other civilians who also died in the attack.

At first, this may seem illogical to you, but a deeper look reveals that Palestinians in this area have evolved what is now called “Armored Skin Cells” (ASC) that protects them from tank shells and surface missiles. So, it very likely that an Israeli tank can shoot a shell at a reporter or a civilian without them getting hurt. Ridiculous! Just Ridiculous.

Argh, there are countries under the rule of international law, and there are countries that are above the rule of international law. Go figure!

Here is the Reuters report if you are interested