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Mawtini .. Mawtini

All this buzz and articles about BAJO made me feel homesick too. Sitting in my office, i cracked up Ahmed Kaabour, Marcil Khalifeh. Somehow, i ended up on YouTube. Link after link, i found my self listening to Mawtini.

Mawtini-Mawtini could not be captured in words. Even though i have listened to it thousands of times already, even though i used to listen to it daily in our morning school queue, it still makes my body shiver once i listen to it. It manages to do that even without lyrics.

Here’s a nice video i found on YouTube, i like the different scenes. At first, i thought they are not all from Palestine, but then again i think that the ones i don’t recognize are from ’48.

… and here’s Ahmad Kaabour’s fil dafa