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Gaza Crisis & The Elections

What is the motive behind the Israeli assault on Gaza? If Israel only seeks to stop the rocket attacks coming from Gaza as they claim, then surely a heavy assault and killing upwards of 900 people will not help. Mass violence and death does not send a clear signal of peace, and does not sway the civilians of Gaza towards peace. The motives behind this assault are clearly political.

Gaza Crisis & The Elections

Tracking the war in Gaza

I just stumbled upon a nice site to track events, incidents, casualties, protests ..etc in the current war in Gaza. It displays events on interactive maps and displays them with a timeline. It also allows you to track reported incidents, where they happened, and their verification status. It even allows people to submit reports via their web page or via SMS. Check it out.

Here is a link to the main site with the maps.

Here is a link to the reports page.

Aljazeera Gaza Tracking MapA screenshot of the map and timeline present on the site.

CNN Confirms Israel Broke Ceasefire First

CNN had an interview with Dr. Mustafa Barghouti, an independent Palestinian legislator, in the early days of the violence in Gaza. Dr. Barghouti was trying to explain to his interviewer Rick Sanchez of CNN’s newsroom that contrary to what Israel’s PR has been broadcasting on the American airwaves, it was them who broke the ceasefire first.

In a rare deviation from their pro-Israel stance, CNN (not CNN International, but the CNN that airs in the USA) did a little investigation of this (i.e. a Google search) and found out that indeed Israel broke the truce in early November by carrying out an attack inside Gaza.

In order to protect himself from a possible flood of Israeli and pro-Israeli complaints, Rick Sanchez had to have the camera man actually film the news articles while he read them on air just to prove that many credible news sources reported on this incident early on.

Here is a video of this event.

Kudos and Thank you Rick Sanchez for your courage and taking an honest journalistic stance. Also thank you to Dr. Barghouti for his continuous interviews trying to give a moderate Palestinian perspective on the Gaza issue to anyone willing to listen.

[also reported here.]