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Bomb blasts interrupt interview in Gaza

This video speaks volumes! Also, kudos to the Palestinian young man for staying calm and rational while all of this was happening.

Israel apologist form

I saw this fantastic mock template on reddit. It pretty much summarizes 99% of the arguments of all Israel apologist out there 🙂

Dear Sir or Madam,

You have made a post that dares to criticize Israel. As you know, this makes you an anti-semite.
I would like to point out the following facts that are relevant to the discussion:

[x] 6 million Jews died in the holocaust.
[x] You are an anti semite.
[ ] Israel made the desert bloom and we have beautiful beaches.
[ ] The Jews have been persecuted for thousands of years.
[x] All arabs want to push the Jews into the sea.
[ ] Israel is a shining example of democracy and ethnic discrimination does not exist.
[x] Suicide bombers are killing Israeli citizens and collective punishment will put a stop to this eventually.
[x] The IDF are showing remarkable restraint; They have the power to nuke the entire region but choose not to.
[ ] It is the fault of the Palestinians that they don’t rebuild infrastructure fast enough after we bomb it.
[x] Arafat walked out on camp David, proving that 100% of Palestinians want war, not peace.
[x] The Jews are God’s chosen people and this is the land that was promised to us by a book.
[x] It’s not white phosphorus, we were just dropping road flares!
[x] It is not a genocide until hundreds of thousands of Palestinians are killed and we aren’t even close to that yet.
[ ] 100% of Palestinians are terrorists.
[x] The Arabs drove the Jews from their homeland thousands of years ago so it is about time for some payback.
[x] Israel has killed fewer people than Iran or Iraq which means we are a peaceful state.
[x] Carpet bombing an entire country is a perfectly rational response to the kidnapping of a soldier.
[ ] It’s not a concentration camp, it’s a safety wall!

Therefore, your claim of [Israel dropping white phosphorus on a United Nations school] is false and we should continue to send money and military support to Israel.

Yours sincerely,


P.S. you are an anti-semite

This was provoked by the onslaught of nonsensical responses by Israeli apologists after somebody dared post this picture from Israel’s attack on an UNRWA school in Gaza during operation “Cast Lead”.

If you’re interested, I blogged about my reaction to the attack on this school when it happened here.

Liz Cheney’s absurd view on Gaza

Speaking on ABC’s “This Week”, Liz Cheney stated that if “you look at the situation in the West Bank and the situation in Gaza it becomes clear that the humanitarian crisis in Gaza is not because of Israel”. WTF?!! If anything, this just goes to show that Liz Cheney know next to nothing about what has been happening in the West Bank, Gaza, and Israel! It was well established that after Hamas took over Gaza Israel blockaded Gaza improvishing its citizens, while at the same time loosening the situation in the West Bank to give people in Gaza an incentive to rebel against Hamas. For God’s sake, this whole strategy was cooked up when her father was the vice president, so she should have known better!

On the other hand, this is a useful video to see. Regarding this issue, and it also touches on Israel’s policy to intentionally improvish Gaza and allow the West Bank to build up a bit.

What bothers me is that people like that come on TV speaking authoritatively to the public. This is ridiculous.

Plus, what’s up with arguing that “we pushed for an election but Palestinians were not ready for it yet” ?!!