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Possible bug in Firefox

This has been annoying me quite alot. I usually find Firefox fast, stable, and dependable. However, recently it started producing momentarily freezes when loading pages with many pictures, big content, or elaborate JavaScript (which i personally didn’t experience before in this high frequency). For example, loading up Qwaider Planet used to cause this behaviour.

Even worse, it started taking much longer than average loading up normal web pages. It would spend many seconds “looking up domains” (which might suggest a DNS issue). What’s odd is that it would do that after a few pages have been opened (i.e, it won’t happen when you first run firefox). However, i didn’t change my network configuration at all.

Anyway, this is all to say that something is wrong with the latest version of Firefox (version and apparently other people have been experiencing this too. If you have been facing these problems (specially pages taking infinitely long to finish loading), i suggest rolling back to a previous version. I went back to and that seemed to work fine. But don’t worry, i think the Mozilla community will release a fix soon.