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Awesome Awesome Commercial

Gosh, this commercial is at least 5 years old. I’ve actually never seen it on TV, only online. Unfortunately the company didn’t maintain an active link to it, but thanks to YouTube, it has resurfaced.

Never the less, this was one of my favorite commercials. It is really nice and really moving. …. just imagine if all of these experts were talking to you (well, with today’s technology they kinda are)

As an added bonus, here is another one with Mohammad Ali

Monkey Dabkeh

Hahahaha .. this is hilarious.

على راسي

شوية نهفات خفيفة. طول الوحدة منها 15 – 30 ثانية موجودين هون وهون وهون. للأسف الفيديو بيشتغل أول ما تفتح الصفحة فما بقدر أحطهم هون … إزعاج

تنزيلات ؟! … آه قصدك ديسكاونت…. هاهاها رهيبة