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More Children Killed in Gaza by Israel; Are we not human ?

Israel claims it is not targeting civilians. The USA agrees. But the images tell a different story. The United Nations reports more than 250 children were killed by Israel in its current bombardment and onslaught. Which humanity is this ? Are we not human beings ?

New York’s mayor had the audacity to compare this to a madman knocking on your door. Other senators asked wouldn’t the USA have to interfere if rockets fell on Southern California from Mexico or Seattle from Vancouver. I wonder how would that mayor and those senators react to 250+ children dead in New York, Seattle, or Southern California. Are we not as much human as they are ? How would they react if they lost every single member of their families ? This is pretty horrific. Yet this is just a glimpse of what is taking place in Gaza with their approval and the implicit approval of the U.S. government. So how can they have humanity and sympathy towards some group people, and none towards another group ?

If you still need further evidence of the horrible, cold-blooded, and inhumane death that Israel has brought to the people of Gaza and the children of Gaza, I give you this 2 minute news report.

Vivaldi Four Seasons Summer Presto

… because it is the cold winter and i am surrounded by snow.

I actually like the visualization in this video .. very fitting to the fast tempo of the piece.

Tosheh Video Clip (أغنية طوشة)

This song by the Palestinian comedian Asa’ad Sabah (أسعد صباح) was a hit during the mid 90s. It was released on a cassette tape along with many other jokes and comical songs. Almost any Palestinian growing up in the 90s would instantly recognize this song and its Hebron accent 🙂 . For those who are interested, this song is poking fun at family fights, tribal reconciliation, and marjaleh.

Why am i posting this you ask ? Nothing, some random memory recollection that came up during a chat with some anonymous tipster 🙂