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Pixelated Building

I am trying to describe this, or give it contextual setting … but i can’t. All you need to know is: new building, under construction, highest point in Ramallah (..i think).

Building Front … Blue Sky

That open window ruined the shot 🙂

New Building in Ramallah

A hard day at work

The daily events of this common “hard-worker”. Ya3teek el-3afyeeh Sob7ee 🙂

This clip was created by the creative folks at Zan Studio in Ramallah.

Zan Studio Team
The team at Zan Studio

Best Burger Ever

It seriously is nothing short of that!! The “Magnum Burger” at Chili Chili (rather an odd name if you ask me) is seriously one thick, juicy, delicious burger. I’ve tried burgers from various places ranging from the big chains (McD, BK, Hardee’s/Carl Jr, Wendy’s ..etc) to the more obscure places … but this one does win the challenge (IMHO).

Chili Chili