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Checkpoint Moments

Huwara Checkpoint
Huwara Checkpoint … a few hundred meters from the soldiers.

Coming back from visiting relatives, we were stuck with many others on Huwara (حوارة) checkpoint, which is set up by Israeli soldiers on the main road. We were stuck on that checkpoint for more than 75 minutes, even though it was not highly crowded (the Israeli soldiers were moving veeerrryyyy sloooowly).

The people crossing that checkpoint were of all ages and walks of life. Entire families dressed up and moving to visit families and loved ones for the Eid. One could not help but notice the different contradictory, yet inspiring, pictures seen there. Perhaps the most inspiring one i saw was that of a young little girl (13 ~ 14 yrs) all dressed up in a nice black and white dress/skirt and carrying a bouquet of red flowers.

This angelic young girl was walking on the rubble across the checkpoint, surrounded by cement blocks and security fences. She looked completely out of scene. Somehow, soldiers, machine guns, cement blocks, and security fences didn’t go well with her nice dress, red flowers, and innocent youth.

….. who knows …. maybe this contradictory scene would yield a short story (or at least a post) !

Radio Advertisements

I was just looking at the second section of Al-Ayyam newspaper, and i found it a bit odd (and funny) to see the following:

Radio Advertisements

 These are advertisements for 4 radio stations that were placed one after the other !! What was the rationale behind this. Maybe they all wanted to be on the first (colored) page of the second section ?? Eh … who knows !!

Randy Pausch Last Lecture

Randy Pausch is an accomplished researcher in the field of Human-Computer Interaction (HCI). It is sometimes the case that big researchers are asked to give a “Last Lecture” where they would address their audience as if this was the last public lecture they will ever give.

Unfortunately however, this title is a bit more literal for Randy Pausch. He is terminally ill (Panceriatic Cancer), and the doctors have projected 4-6 months of good health. Despite that, Randy still enjoys his upbeat spirit and humor. In this lecture he talks about the pursuit of childhood dreams and enabling childhood dreams for others. It is quite a good lecture, and i advise all to watch it.