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Awesome Commercial

This TV ad is really awesome, you have to see it 🙂

Haha .. my favorite line is:

This is the Golden Butterball; 28 inch string, silk, real smooth action.

Here is another one from this series:

More of them here.

Current age … in years

I was just filling out this graduate school survey when i was confronted with this nifty little question:

Current age in years

ya3ni seriously, did you really have to specify the unit of measure for this question ? Is it likely that someone will answer you in a unit other years? “well, i am about 280 months old”. Age in months is of course acceptable for babies, but i think that if you are in you’re twenty’s and you’re still measuring your age in months, then something is wrong here. How about i answer them in metric time units just out of spite 🙂 that’ll be something.

imminent Fire

Huh?! .. i just discovered that there are two fire alarms *and* a sprinkler in my (small) bedroom.  Apparently it is expected to combust at any moment!!