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BZU Graduation Celebration

I don’t know these people, and i did not attend that graduation celebration. However this is a video of some people celebrating graduating from Birzeit University (BZU) that i found randomly on YouTube.

I don’t know …. but there is something nice about their singing and celebration. It sounds so sincerely happy.

From the School of Athens

For some reason, The School of Athens just popped into my mind and i just can not let it go. It is truly a masterpiece. It is so full of deep references. ….. you have the great Greek philosophers laying left and right, and the center point is a master piece of itself.

You have Plato on the left and, his student, Aristotle on the right. Walking side-by-side giving a complete sense of fellowship. Each of them is holding a book that he has “published”. With their right hands, one gesture is enough to sum up their personalities and beliefs. Plato is pointing up depicting his belief in high pureness, not material/physical things (a mathematician indeed !!). Aristotle, is gesturing the ground depicting his belief in empirical physical data (an engineer 🙂 ).

Plato & Aristotle - large The School of Athens

Thank you Raphael for this true masterpiece.

P.S. I really was tempted to put the full size of at least one of those two files in this post. I stopped myself in the last minute :-). But i did have the full-sized Plato-Aristotle picture up on my homepage for a while 🙂 .

Arabic Hip Hop – Nateejeh bala shughol

Arabic rap is increasing in popularity in the region. According to this wikipedia article, either the group DAM (from the Lod اللد) or MWR (from Acre عكا) where the first in this business. Personally, i am not a big fan of Arabic hiphop yet. However i am getting to like the group Ramllah Underground. Some of their songs have some nice expressive meanings, which is good.

Anyway here is a video clip of Ramallah Underground’s “Nateejeh bala shugol” (result with no work). The video was apparently shot in Jordan (possibly Amman) because you could see the “كلنا الأردن” slogan on top of the door he exits from in the beginning.

Caution: there are a couple (not alot) of blant Arabic swears in the middle. Not a big fan of swearing myself.