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If you’re in the mood

… this will really brighten your day 🙂 (at least it did for me).

The video picture quality is not good, but that is not important.

Figaro … Figaro … Figaro … 😀

Mourning the Loss of Mahmoud Darwish

We have been blessed to live in the same time as the great poet Mahmoud Darwish. We have been lucky to see him express our concerns and convey our message to the world. But alas, he is a mortal, and yesterday he departed us and left us in this cold world of ours.

We have lost a great poet, a great Palestinian, a great Arab, a great human being.
We might have lost the poet, but his work is eternal. Poetry is immortal.

Rest in peace Mahmoud Darwish. May God bless your soul.

Mahmoud Darwish

Note: The following pages have nice brief accounts for his life. In English here, In Arabic here and here.

Driving to ZigzigLand

This looks like a good movie, I am looking forward to watching it soon. However, I wonder when will it be out on DVDs because i doubt it will be showing in regular theaters.

I read up on Bashar, the main character of this film (playing himself), and it says that he was part of Al-Kasaba Theatre group in Ramallah for some years. So, would be nice if they showed that film there as well.