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Israel West Bank occupation tourist exhibitions

I was browsing online when I accidentally stumbled upon this site: (link not added purposefully).

Full Page Screenshot

Apparently this organization takes tourists on some sort of live military tour where they penetrate illegally occupied territories and sit in on courts of Palestinian captives.


Screenshot of the “tour highlight” !!

What year is this? Are we back in Roman times where Christians where being fed to lions in front of the cheering crowds? Are the destroyed lives and the misfortunes of the occupied people of Palestine a tourist attraction to this organization? Seriously, this is so barbaric!

Too many usernames & passwords

This is indeed rediculous. Not only that, but i also hate it when services require you to sign up with a username & password even if you just want to try that service for a brief time. Too many user accounts online, ultimately you run out of memorizable unique passwords, and sharing passwords or using a service-dependent naming scheme is not wise. Check out this website for a neat tool btw.

In these days (and specially if the whole “cloud-as-a-service” model is to become successful, oh and it will) we should have a concept of a single global account, or a managable federation of accounts that form a global account, that would allow people to “turn on” services on the web to try them out (or use them), and then “turn them off”.

I know about openID, but having a single account (be it from Google or Microsoft or Yahoo) to log in to many places is too “big-brothery” for my taste. Plus, not all online services allow users to use openID, even though they really should.

It is bollocks! Bollocks I tells ya! *shaking his fist*

Prick of the day

… Israeli consul to the US Reda Mansour. Today on CNN, after a report on the civilian casualties in Gaza, and with a split screen next to him showing civilians dead and injured in hospitals and a huge explosions in Gaza due to the Israeli bombardment; he had the audacity to claim that he did not believe there was a lot of death in Gaza. He openly claimed that the Palestinians are exaggerating in their casualties, and that the actual number of casualties was less than half of what was reported!! Keep in mind that the report mentioned 400 casualties (as if 200 casualties is justifiable). When the anchor confronted him that the numbers were coming from Palestinian and U.N. sources, he still refused to acknowledge the amount of death and destruction his country is inflicting and stuck by his claim.

I will post a video of this heartless “person” once i find a copy online.