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A graduate student, semi-opinionated, resident of expat from Ramallah. Seeing the rise of several interesting Arab blogs, i finally decided to share my “wisdom” with the world and see if i can join the cool kids club.

So, why am i blogging mostly in English ? Unfortunately, Arabs and Palestinians are usually labeled as terrifying beasts to the Western world. Thus, i hope that my non-Arab readers can get more insight to the lives of “everyday people” in the heart of the West Bank. However, i do occasionally post in Arabic.

Za3tar ??!! Palestinians and levantines have an intimate relation with za3tar. Along with olive oil, it constitutes the most basic and wide spread snack. Za3tar grows naturally on the hills of the West Bank. In addition to the traditional za3tar-o-zait, there is the wild za3tar, and the aromatic za3tar-balat that is used with tea. There are many other variations of za3tar.

This blog is pretty much a work in progress. I will be fixing up the layout, and adding more sections as things move along.

Comments, questions, concerns ? Send me an email. I’m all ears, and i would love to help if i can.

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  1. Za3tar is seriously a huge part of my childhood memories, and everytime I eat it these days (whenever available in cold London) I get memories of the “sandweesheh” that happened to be soaked mid day in school, and the tissues wrapped around it! hehe

  2. hahaha … yes indeed … those poor wrapping tissues would usually be drenched with olive oil by mid day 🙂

  3. Wishing you the best of luck man 🙂 Will check your posts…

  4. Thanks Awartany. Stay in touch.

  5. Nice blog…glad to find more people from Palestine blogging about it…
    Good Luck!

  6. Linz; thanks!
    I think we should present the voices of more Palestinians to the world.

    Keep up the good work on your blog 😉

  7. I like your banner 🙂

  8. Za3tar – even the way this word sounds is beautiful. I wanted to use it as a blog title but you beat me to it 😉 And oh my God Omar, yes that image of za3tar sandwich wrapped with oil-soaked tissue paper is prominent in my childhood. Mama always said za3tar activates the brain cells – always a prescription before a test!

    I like your blog – will visit more often inshAllah.

  9. Iman: Thanks, i like to keep rotating it with pictures of various spots in Ramallah and Palestine.

    Al.: hahaha … yeah, when i decided to start a blog, i thought for a considerable time about a nice little blog name, and za3tar seemed like a great find. My mom too said that za3tar was supposed to “activate your brain” 🙂 .. maybe she was tricking us to eat it :-p

  10. Za3tar, […] I love the banner 😀

  11. i’m so proud to know Mr.Za3ter ,,,

    i like the name lool ,,

    hope we’ll be friends soon (= ,,

    good luck brother ,,

  12. I’m tunisian and i love za3tar lol … best thing lol

  13. Saned: Thank you.

    Ahmed Badrah: Thank you. I am glad to get to know you as well. Consider us friends 🙂

    Sabeur: Thanks, Za3tar is one of the best things in the world. By the way, i really would like to visit Tunis someday inshallah.

  14. keep the good work!

  15. Sobbarine, the village where my husband’s two uncles were killed.. I just wrote an article, called it my Family Photo Album, send me your email address and i will send it to you… Rana, Canada (abd@istar.ca

  16. Orsan: Thanks.

    Rana: Thank you, will do.

  17. mmm…i have alergy from za3tar that i cod die if i eat it 🙁

  18. LuLu: Ohhh .. sorry to hear that. You’re missing out on some good snacks 🙂

  19. Can we have a real first name please?!

  20. I think its long over due and you are absolutely right. we need the world to know and hear our story our narrative beyond the one of conflict. all Palestinians have stories to tell, human interest stories of how they or their families struggled or are struggling as well as happy successful stories whether as refugees, or under occupation or naturalised citizens in other countries.
    its time we spoke about our culture heritage and yes our famous zatar1

  21. Hani: I am actually contemplating whether to go public or not. We’ll see how that goes.

    Mona: Thank you. I simply agree.

  22. I just turn on my Tv set and all i see on CNN and skynews is Gaza Gaza Gaza…….i never had the oppourtunity to know what was going on and what really caused the war. I really appreciate the information and discussion provided on ur site you have given me insight of whats happening and where Gaza is even situated.
    God bless you I pray all this killings stop soon.

  23. I am REFERRING to the DESCRIPTION of VIVA PALESTINA under the heading of ABOUT THIS SITE sub heading MISSION.
    I will not repeat it here as it can be easily read by anyone, should they wish to do so.
    I would like to know, who is the author of this tripe?
    And should he or she answer this post, perhaps, could tell me who the FOUNDERS ARE? HOW IS THE ORGANISATION STRUCTURED? HOW ARE FUNDS OBTAINED? And what is the PURPOSE of VIVA PALESTINA?
    And further what is the name of the PARENT ORGANISATION which supports our cause, and is to do with the it’s history?
    And whoever the author is he/she had better have the facts RIGHT.

  24. Ken Hammacott: Dude why are you asking me ?? Did you find any reference to “Viva Palestina” on this site ? I haven’t even heard of that organization before. I don’t know what you want, but if you have any comments to “Viva Palestina” take it to them!

  25. You deny you wrote this?
    And this is on your site:-
    ………”or VIVAPALESTINA.ORG , all of which have been misrepresented as humanitarian rather than political projects or organisations have violated the trust of the doners by by politicizing the humanitarianaid they collected for the people of Gaza, and have failed to be transparent in their expenditure of collective funds.

    This tissue of lies is on your site!

  26. And further to my previous post I am a volunteer driver for the convoys of VIVAPALESTINA .ORG

  27. Ken Hammacott: What are you talking about ?? that is not on my site. Provide me a direct link to the page that contains this text. This is nowhere on my site! What in the world are you talking about !!!

  28. For the last time go to :- (Main Heading) ABOUT THIS SITE
    (Sub Heading) MiSSION

    Beneath the two paragraphs of text describing THE MISSION ther is a peckered line.

    And beneath that there is the offending text.

    Now are you the creator or administrator of this site, yes or no?

  29. Ken Hammacott: I think you are trying to mess with my head, so i am going to ignore your comments unless you provide a clear and direct link to whatever you are talking about.

    This *IS* the “About” page for my site, and there is no “Mission” sub heading. Either provide a direct link, or stop this nonsense.

  30. Now don’t imagine that I’m making this up.
    I contact this URL from one of my own sites:- http://www.vivapalestinaola.org

    This takes me to a home page :- Viva Palestina.US\ a nonepolitical initatiative.
    Beneath the main title in small print there is a rebuttle against vivapalestina.org indicating also that this site is being re-developed.
    Over to the right there are three sub headings they are ARTICLES/ VIDEOS/ ABOUT THIS SITE
    If you click on to the sub heading ABOUT THIS SITE then click onto MISSION which then appears beneath which there are two paragraphs of explanation.
    The offending text is beneath that.

    Doe’s that seem as though I’m making anything up?
    There could be any number of technical reason’s why you can’t access the home page that I’ve just described? This offending text is NOTon your (HOME ABOUT ME) site.
    Now as far as I’m concerned the matter is closed.

  31. Incidentally, I have replied to one of your post’s in a much more agreeable fashion referring to a different thread.

  32. It seems one cannot upload attachments onto this site? Clearly a disadvantage. However, I now wish to move on, and partake discussion with other threads.

  33. Oh dear! What have I just read.
    “Unfortunately, Arabs and Palestinians are usually labelled as terrifying beasts to the western world”.
    What an unfortunate choice of words, and is not fitting whatsoever to the voluntary work carried out by many U.K. citizens and other Europeans which are engaged.in providing releif aid to Gaza.

  34. Ken Hammacott: … of course this does not apply to all people in the west. Hence, i used the modifier usually not always, and not by all. .. but sufficiently large number of times and i dare say most of the time.

  35. Point taken.
    But I would replace the word people with governments, the two are not the same.
    For clarification, there is a great deal of friction between the British government and the British people over the issues of Afghanistan, Iraq, and Palastine.
    Of the recent past the two antagonist’s with a thirst for war have and still are the U.S.A. and the U.K.

  36. A Letter from Palastine 13/04/09
    From Mr Mohammed Faraj Alghool.
    Head of the Change and Reform Bloc..Palestine Legislative Ciuncil.
    To Mr.G.Galloway. M.P.
    In breif it is a letter in support and appreciation for the first aid convoy to arrive in Gaza from the U.K. And for futher planned convoys yet to follow.

  37. I wish you the best of luck! A friend from Syria.

  38. Great blog keep writing and good luck in school

    cheers from Ireland

  39. I am not a constant reader of blogs. I always wanted to read a blog from a palestinian who lives all the events I see in the news. I never tried to search.

    I saw a comment of yours in Hareega Blog. It brought me here. Reading this nice and informative “About Me” sectino, I discovered that I finally arrived in a palestinian blog.

    I hope that your blog entries will be as interesting as this about me page. Maybe because I had a lot of time writing an About Me section in my blog.

    Good luck from Karak

  40. Haitham Al-Sheeshany

    Hello Za3tar :D!
    A lot of ppl rec.`dd yr blog to me so here” me” I am :).
    Me snoppin` `round your space ri8 now, Interesting is the word, keep t up.

    Nice E-meeting u! 🙂

    I`ll be back – for sure -;)

  41. za3tar wa bas welbagy 7’as….. za3tar is the best

  42. do you also za3tar is a big family as well, and its very well nown.
    check http://www.nexarmotors.com

  43. Its very useful ,you have only that image ?

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