Liz Cheney’s absurd view on Gaza

Speaking on ABC’s “This Week”, Liz Cheney stated that if “you look at the situation in the West Bank and the situation in Gaza it becomes clear that the humanitarian crisis in Gaza is not because of Israel”. WTF?!! If anything, this just goes to show that Liz Cheney know next to nothing about what has been happening in the West Bank, Gaza, and Israel! It was well established that after Hamas took over Gaza Israel blockaded Gaza improvishing its citizens, while at the same time loosening the situation in the West Bank to give people in Gaza an incentive to rebel against Hamas. For God’s sake, this whole strategy was cooked up when her father was the vice president, so she should have known better!

On the other hand, this is a useful video to see. Regarding this issue, and it also touches on Israel’s policy to intentionally improvish Gaza and allow the West Bank to build up a bit.

What bothers me is that people like that come on TV speaking authoritatively to the public. This is ridiculous.

Plus, what’s up with arguing that “we pushed for an election but Palestinians were not ready for it yet” ?!!

  1. How does blair represent anyone?? He is a war criminal, I remember hearing that he was going to be the peace envoy to the middle east, I was totally outraged. and I was only 12. I think that neither liz cheney or tony blair have any right to speak authoritatively on these issues…

  2. Obviously the “crisis” in Gaza is because of the Gazans themselves. They chose qassams and war over other things.

    Oh well. That was their choice.

    It is time you learned about cause and effect, habibi.

    Cause: AFTER Israel left Gaza and there was NO blockade, the jihadis shot THOUSANDS of missiles at Israeli civilians, kidnapped Gilad Shalit, and elected Hamas to rule them (and remember what their Covenant says).

    Effect: They suffer the consequences.

  3. …if you walk down Gaza City’s main thoroughfare — Salah al-Din Street — grocery stores are stocked wall-to-wall with everything from fresh Israeli yogurts and hummus to Cocoa Puffs smuggled in from Egypt. Pharmacies look as well-supplied as a typical Rite Aid in the United States.

    “When Western people come, they have this certain image of Gaza,” said Omar Shaban, an economist who heads Pal-Think for Strategic Studies in Gaza. “We have microwaves in our homes, not only me, everybody…

    …During a typical week in May, Israel allowed in 637 truckloads ferrying 14,069 tons of food, medicine and other supplies.…

    …Gazans readily admit they are not going hungry…

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