What Helen Thomas should have said

With all the recent buzz around Israel, the Gaza siege, and the aid flotilla, a video surfaced online of reporter Helen Thomas caught in “off the cuff” remarks about Israel/Palestine. Helen said that Israel should get out of Palestine and people should remember that it is their land and it has been occupied. When asked specifically, she said that Jews should get out of Palestine and return to Poland and Germany.

Of course that kind of language does not play well in America and the expected storm of accusations of anti-semitism, bias, and calls for resignation has been ensued. Helen has apologized for her remarks.

Here is my thought; it is internationally recognized that the lands of the West Bank and Gaza are occupied by Israel (even the US recognizes this). It is also internationally recognized that the future Palestinian state will be established on the West Bank and Gaza (the pre-1967 war borders). So Helen Thomas’s remarks were not that far off base. She can just explain (and I think that is what she actually meant) that Israeli settlers should get out of Palestine (which is something that can be argued and defended in American politics). After all, this is exactly the same line that Jimmy Carter drew in his book Palestine: Peace not Apartheid.

Here is the video if you’re interested:

  1. Jews always lived in Judea, Samaria, and Gaza. Just because the Arabs ethnically cleansed ALL Jews in 1948 (1929 in Hebron, Gaza City, and elsewhere) doesn’t give you a “right” to keep the Jews out now.

    The simple fact is that you could have had a state in peace, but chose war on MANY occasions- INSTEAD:

    You would have had a state IN PEACE in 1937 with the Peel Plan, but violently rejected it.

    You would have had a state IN PEACE in 1939 with the MacDonald White Paper, but violently rejected it (and Jews would have even been restricted from BUYING land from Arabs).

    You would have had a state IN PEACE in 1948 with UN 181, but violently rejected it (and actually claimed that the UN had no such mandate!).

    You could have had a state IN PEACE in Judea, Samaria, and Gaza from 1948-1967 without any Jews- because the Arabs had ethnically cleansed every last one; but violently rejected it. In fact, that’s exactly when you established Fatah (1959) and the PLO (1964).

    You could have had a state IN PEACE after 1967, but instead, the entire Arab world issued the Khartoum Resolutions:

    A. No peace with Israel
    B. No recognition of Israel
    C. No negotiations with Israel

    You would have had a state IN PEACE in 2000 with the Oslo Accords, but you violently rejected it- as always.

    There won’t be a “future Palestinian state”-not here.

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