iPad vs Kindle? … You’re missing the point!

People love hyped-up controversies, show downs, epic battles, clashes of titans (but not the movie :-p). In today’s world with thousands upon thousands of blogs, it seems that those with the most explosive titles win. So, people often do not hesitate to manufacture show downs where none exist.

Nowadays you can’t open any news reader without being bombarded with iPad vs Kindle comparisons. True, it would seem to be that these two devices are targeting an overlapping market segment. But i do not think there is a show down. The real money maker in the e-books market (where the said show down is located) is in book sales and distribution. Ultimately, that is the real money maker for outlet stores like Amazon and Apple Bookstore (/iTunes/iBooks/whatever it’s called).

But if Amazon can release a Kindle application for the iPad, as it already has for the iPhone, then where is the beef? Those who are loyal to Amazon will still drift to Amazon and those who are not will go to Apple’s distribution center. Now, the real show down is perhaps not in the physical device itself but in the deals with publishing houses. Amazon and iBooks have different business models and might be courting different exclusive publishing deals. That is far more important than what device you use to read those e-Books, because it will ultimately determine where is the content available and for how much.

Just my thoughts on this topic that has been clobbering my Google News reader for months now.

  1. So true Za3tar
    Now, I would like to see iPad running Suse. Do you think you’re up to the challenge? 🙂 Maybe then it will be worth buying

  2. iPhone apps are usually “scalable” to iPad. I reckon the Amazon Kindle app will work just fine!

  3. Hi I have a question which is irrelevant to the topic ! but there will be no BAPD this year ??

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