Gunman vs. Terrorist

Human life is sacred. I think we all agree on that. So certainly one is saddened at any one’s death. But still, one can’t help but wonder. Usually the way something is conveyed is at least as important what is being conveyed.

Today an attacker in Tel-Aviv opened fire at a club for gay teen Isralis killing at least two people and wounding many. In the AP video report, the police chief says that he doesn’t know if the attack was carried out by a gunman or a terrorist but the evidence leans more towards it being a gunman. What is the difference you say  ? If the event is the same and the victims are the same and the attacker is the same, how can the event be a terrorist attack or a just an act of a gunman.  You would think that it all has to do with a motive. An gunman has his lone sick mentality that caused him to commit his act, while a terrorist does his act insited by other people and in order to strike fear in the general population.

True. But, not always. In Israel any Arab attacker is a terrorist, and any Jewish attacker is a gunman. Regardless of the motive. Yes, I have proof. Remember a few months back, a 19 year-old Palestinian from Jerusalem proposed to his lover and she rejected him, while he was driving back his car got off the road and veered towards some pedistrians, one of the pedistrians immediately shot the driver dead without attempting to do anything else. The Israeli police said that the boy was carrying a terrorist attack, while his family says that he probably just lost control of the car since that boy had no political interest or affiliation. What was interesting in that piece is that the boy was immediately judged to be a terrorist by the Israelis (and thus his family’s home had to be demolished) without any minute of investigation into his background. Simply the fact that he was Arab!

So yes. The words by which you convey an event are often just as important as the event itself.

  1. It’s just as you said he isn’t an Arab and He isn’t a muslim, if he was one of those two then he is to be marked as a terrorist in any country in the world not just Israel.

  2. God if you could find it easy to send out an sos or mayday to husband Fadi, Say Your wife yasmeen forgives you and begs you to come home to her. Say to Fadi be a man with your wife, she Cares for you

  3. Strictly speaking a terrorist act is where civilians are directly targeted with the purpose of achieving some political goal. Murder or manslaughter is minus the political goal. However, you’re probably right in claiming that the terms are being used in a different manner vis-a-vis Israelis/Palestinians.

  4. I’ve been telling this to people for ages. On the news it’s always “Muslim Terrorists” but when it’s someone else it’s usually attackers or gunmen.

    It’s how the media brainwashes people!

  5. useful post. i am a big fan of your blog.

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