Eat & Chew Quietly Please

God! I hate people who display a “big effort” while they are eating or chewing. I hate it when some people chew gum with open mouths or loudly. It is so freaking annoying! I hate it when people breathe heavily or make “internal grunting sounds” that you would associate with hard physical labour or terrible illness yet they have done nothing and are totally fine! And I specially hate it when the person right next to me does that for half an hour straight!



  1. Same here, Certain members of my family do that and i get disgusted but it’s hard to complain or i will be described as 2ALEL EL ADAB !!

  2. I had to work with east asians for a long time and apparently chewing loudly is a part of their culture so you can imagine the joy i was living … i had to avoid them at lunch break :S

  3. I guess we better not sit on the same table then LOL!

  4. Any ideas on how to help them stop eating noisily?
    Any tips?

  5. Finally… I am really genuinely happy that I am not the only (not doctor) person who has this passionate hatred to the sound of moist food being chewed in a mouth!
    I get crazy when someone eats loudly that I might actually hint on it with a smile, shout at them or leave the table (depends on the relation I have with them), I’ve already made an agreement with all my close friends on chewing gum rules. once when I had to take a bus to Beirut I booked two seats cause I was not in the mood for any annoying sticky freaks…. and I do really believe that they must stop making gums, I mean what’s the point if you are not eating or enjoying food?!!

    You should know that you are not alone and your demands of a silent chewing is an important and legitimate demand 🙂

  6. Tell me about it 🙁 It’s soooo annoying.
    People who drag their feet as they walk are just as annoying.

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