The Uberhype of Google Chrome OS

I am a Linux fan. A quick look at my site will tell you that. So naturally I was pleased when Google announced a new Linux distro (Google’s “Chrome OS”). It is good because it will hopefully encourage more OEMs to write better drivers for their hardware.

What I hated though is how some techies and all techy-wannabes had a spontaneous collective orgasm at the first sight of the news. I mean come on! I think some of the guys at TechCrunch had to go change their pants after they read the announcement. Heck, this guy at the “IT Portal” has already written 5 Reasons To Love Google Chrome OS and the product doesn’t even have a web page yet! I like how he explained “reason #3”:

Google has a blank canvas to work with and doesn’t need to rely on code that is 15 years old, nor does it have to deal with software compatibility issue

Oh really ? Somebody should tell that guy that Linux (what Chrome really is) was first written in 1991 and is thus 18 years old!

Finally, some common sense articles are popping up. I like this one (specially how he catches TechCrunch for calling an OS like Linux a mere “bag of drivers” .. anyone who knows anything about operating systems knows that is not true). This article is also nice.

There are reasonable predictions of what we can expect from Google Chrome OS, and I’ll try to talk more about this later.

P.S: I hate over-hyping. I REALLY REALLY HATE over-hyping. That is why I dislike Apple, they overhype everything, even basic features! In all fairness, Google didn’t overhype Chrome, but many of those “techies” did.

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  1. I am so glad Google entered the OS space. It seems that only an event of this caliber would get za3tar to blog!

    Another reason why It’s a good thing is that Google now would put it’s weight behind the whole Open Source OS drive, which has the potential of gaining more acceptance from the masses. One thing, however, I heard being repeated is that Google should have already given Open Source more attention, especially with the absence of Google Apps for Linux.

  2. You will eat, sleep, drink, and have sex with Google OS. IT’S GOOGLE OPERATING SYSTEM FOR THE LOVE OF GOD MAN! ZOMG YOU ARE IMPOSSIBLE TO PLEASE!

    And yes I do have an iphone and the copy/paste feature is AWESOME

  3. mab3oos: hehe .. yeah man, I know i’ve been absent for a while, but this summer internship was consuming most of my time unfortunately. I totally agree with your second point. However, in all fairness, Google does indeed publish their software to all major operating systems (eventually) and they should be commended for that. Plus, Google’s Summer of Code events are always geared for the open source community.

    KJ: I don’t know what to make of your comment. I don’t know if you were high or something 🙂 I started my blog post by saying that I am pleased with Google’s announcement and explained how I thought it will be good for the community. I even ended my short post by saying that I am not taking issue with Google. So, clearly, I am not taking issue with Google, and Yes I am pleased they are going to enter that market!

    My comment was that many people simply over-reacted to that news (as you clearly also did for my post .. i am not sure if you did that on purpose to play along or not).

  4. Welcome dear Za3atr, long time bro.. hope you’re happy and okay.
    Well, about Google OS i think it’s earlier to judge or to be sure of it, it need many days (months/year/whatever) to get 100% assurance of what is it Chrome OS.
    I do not dislike any OS producers but i say we just have to wait for further days(xxx of days) to draw a complete view of Chrome OS…

  5. Mohammad B. Irshid: Thanks .. i seriously feel bad for not blogging for a while, but i was a bit too busy lately, but inshallah things will get better soon.

    As for Google Chrome OS .. I don’t know why you and KJ reacted this way, but my comment was only about people’s reaction to the anouncement of Google Chrome OS. As you pointed out, I can not praise or criticize that OS yet because it simple isn’t here yet. That was exactly my point to the reaction of alot of techy-wannabes. I think it is definitely way too early to write an article of “5 reasons to love Chrome OS” when that OS doesn’t exist yet and doesn’t even have an official website! Don’t you think so ?

    If anything, I am happy Google is entering this arena. I am a Linux user, and Google is very helpful to the open source community. I said that in the begining of my post and at the end. I still don’t see where the confusion is!

  6. I stopped reading at “I am a linux fan” *drops subject* loool
    I’m waiting on a Paris post.

  7. Batou: I will in due time … just a bit swamped now

  8. Chrome OS would be very competitive on Microsoft operating systems. I was thinking that one day, Google would launch an Operating system that would complete with Windows XP or Vista. Google and Microsoft would compete head to head now that Microsft launched its Bing search engine.

  9. Chrome OS is just based on Linux and it is not really a “real” proprietary operating system from Google. i wonder if Google would also compete with MS Windows in the future.

  10. Iam a complete fail at computers, so if i want to use chrome can i change back if i dont like it?
    I have the google toolbar installed and alot of what it says chrome does seems to be on the toolbar (opening tabs with visited pages etc) so is it worth it?

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