Thoughts at 4:24 am

At first she was cute and fun to hang around with. Then as i got to know her i realized that woman had only two modes: off and crazy. The latter was more prominent than the former. I have had enough. My problem is that i can’t just switch off, i tend to overthink it. I hate to impose, so i keep my thoughts to myself, and just try to understand why would a person behave in her way.

But now i’ve decided. Enough is enough. I must disengage. Let the demons clear out of my head. Let me sleep the night again.

  1. وئعت و لا حد سمّا عليك

  2. You’re dumping an insane woman? God be with my my friend.

  3. Qwaider: لا هينا قمنا وما علينا 🙂

    KJ: Yeah .. i realized i better protect my insanity given that she had obviously lost hers.

  4. balke its you el ghalat :p yallah good luck!

  5. She might be bi-polar? In the Western world, we believe that no person is crazy. Just has a serious psychological problem that can be defined, but not guaranteed to be cured! Like EVER !:P

  6. u reminded me with the movie how to lose a guy in 10 days 😀

    so define crazy ! maybe she is having bad days ….

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