In the grand scheme of things

… each of us is insignificant, but we are all important.


… we are all insignificant.

  1. Or, Imporginificant!

  2. Ahhh … The tyranny of “or”….

    Each of us of Important, unique, needed, and significant. The only insignificant thing is, failure. Especially that type of failure that doesn’t teach us anything. Aka Ignorance

  3. It doesn’t matters how we are, but i knew that each of us have a position and a percent of importance..
    you can say each of us and we all.

  4. insignificant and important

  5. It’s not what, how or why you are here all of that is cohersive to the “time” which is but a blip on the radar screen of eternity. Use your time wisely.

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