Blog About Palestine Day 2009 – The Harvest

This is the last of my Blog About Palestine Day 2009 posts. This harvest post contains a sample list of more than 30 articles (in 4 languages) and a video contributed to this magnificent event on that solemn day by YOU (and people like you). They are presented in no particular order here:






Thank you everybody for your contributions! Many personal stories about first hand experiences of the Nakba were told. Many stories about the Palestinian identity, and living in diaspora were discussed. Many wonderful poems were written. Many first hand present-day accounts were shared. Many visions for the future. It is all because of you, and thanks to you.

I know for a fact that i didn’t/couldn’t list all contributed entries here (simply because it is intractable). If you were not listed and would like to be listed, please let me know.

Blog About Palestine Day Blog About Palestine Day

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  1. Thanks for pulling these together, Za3tar. Although there were some great entries, I was surprised there were not more. I hope it is more a reflection of people blogging less, rather than giving up hope.

  2. Thank you Za3tar for reminding us and for all your efforts

  3. Thanx for this nice list. I will go a-reading now.

  4. Excellent work, and fantastic round up Za3tar. ya3teeek Alf alf alf 3afyeh

  5. Thank you for this post,za3tar 🙂 I`m happy that my blogpost is in this compilation 🙂 shukran wa allah ma3k

  6. Thanks so much! ^^

  7. Thanks for adding our concert video “Assalamu Alaikum” to the harvest of BAPD 2009. Now this project has just been nominated for the 2009 “Top 10 Who Are Changing the World of Internet and Politics”.

    You can vote for HATTLER on PoliticsOnline dot com 🙂

  8. Please list my blog too, a journalist from Jakarta

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