Time Management is the black art to unlock the universe

Indeed. You don’t need magic to do most of the things that you want to do. All you need is time (which is given to all) and a smart way to use it. Honestly, there are few people that i know that really use their time well, and they can really do all that they want. I wish i can be like that. I really wish i can be better at time management. It could flip my life upside down.

Really, if you think about it, time is the only thing that you can never get back. Once it is spent it is spent. There is no magic undo button (although i often wish there was). By managing your time correctly you can control the only resource that doesn’t wait for you.

I really suck at time management.

  1. okay.you suck at time management .feel better now ? I’m just being supportive 😀

  2. Naser: hehehe .. yes a little better 😀

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