Sonoma made in Jordan

Was out shopping (in a mall USA), passed by a sonoma shirt, pleasantly surprised to find the displayed sticker stating that it was made in Jordan 🙂 … it’s about time 😀

(it is hard to read, but the printout on the shirt says “made in Jordan in the second line after the L)

  1. I bought one of those Sonoma Polo Shirts (Orange) just because it was made in Jordan. The quality was good.

  2. I just got back from Wanda and Mish Normal, spending 40JD to buy 20 shirts for the kids. Stuff that is now being sold in stores in the US. Tell those store managers you prefer buying products made in Jordan!

  3. these shirts are made by forced labor in the QIZs in Jordan. I wouldn’t be so proud of Israeli-Jordanian business partnerships that enslave mostly Filipinos and east Asian workers. All they do is make a few select businessmen richer, and make everyone else poorer.

    We have to educate ourselves so we can fight the oppression.

  4. You can also find “made in Jordan” on victoria’s secret garments

  5. man same here i got some 2…i love jordan zarqa city…..

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