Why in the world is there so much talk about Twitter ?!!

I don’t get it. It is not a revolutionary technology, it is not a revolutionary concept, so why is there so much talk in the media about Twitter lately ? I understand YouTube’s success, it made sharing videos genuinely easier. I understand the blogging boom, it allowed people to publish articles periodically freely and without much effort. The social network bubble makes less sense, but it is still understandable, it connected friends (although people were able to do that before). However, why in the world is there so much hype about Twitter ? It’s not like it would allow anyone to really share ideas or thoughts with other people. I understand it could be useful in some situations to update your friend about your status, but every social networking site does that. So why is there so much fuss about Twitter ?

Honestly, this is very puzzling. And it is not like it happened gradually. No, Twitter was actually sort of considered like most non-revolutionary web startups, occasionally mentioned but not too much. Then all of a sudden you can’t escape it. Everybody on TV is talking about it. It is mentioned in TV shows, talk shows, and even news programs. And it hasn’t been mentioned casually as “hey, there is something called Twiiter” .. no .. it is repeatedly mentioned on TV as if it is the greatest thing since sliced bread. Every news reporter in almost every single news hour mentions twitter (“hey i’ve been twittering ..etc”) … this is just too much.

I don’t think this is natural growth of a technology, specially that Twitter hasn’t been making any money yet. What i honestly think has happened is that the investors in Twitter have probably paid several TV shows and personalities to start talking about Twitter constantly so that it becomes hype du jour and raise its value in preparation to sell it to some company.

Don’t get me wrong, i think there is some benefit to Twitter (and it is starting to be utilized correctly by some networks to interact with their audiences easily). However, i really don’t see the big deal about it. And it really feels sleazy that we are being bombarded about Twitter as if it is the next thing since sliced bread. The reason i am convinced that they must have paid these people to talk about it is because it never happens that politicians, celebrities, and news programs start adopting a relatively technology relatively all at once without some financial incentive.

  1. you’re not saying this because of my earlier post, are you?! ARE YOU?!

    I probably have even less regard to twitter than you do. I just don’t get the need for it. But, its worth a lot of money. Even though the idea is so simple and old, they were able to implement an idea that went viral, and that’s all you need. check this out They were able to quickly have a “network effect,” which is “I have to have it because all my friends have it” kind of behavior. And now they have all these millions of users, where the value is.

  2. As I said a week ago, “Twitter is a dead weight no matter who the heavy hitter who’s planning to lift Twitter’s Whale”
    The guys selling it are trying to generate some hype around it to pimp google to pay more after their efforts with Facebook and Microsoft have failed.

    But I’m like you, I am getting sick of latest-technology-wannabie’s thinking that they’re “the shit” because they discovered how to tweet!

    A service that I create from scratch in 15 minutes! With all due respect of course to “Twitterizens” doh!

  3. I don’t seem to get it either, but I guess it’s the network effect that Qwaider talked about, I mean I seriously started thinking of deleting my FB account, so I’m not ready to start such a useless thing

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