Dreams Again

For a while i haven’t been having any (or any significant) dreams when i sleep. Maybe it is due to exhaustion or a temporary slump in creativity. But my night dreams are back again, and boy they are better than ever!

Honestly, my last few dreams have been amazing; the view point, the music, the dramatic climactic plot .. they are fairly complex for 2-5 second dreams, and they are a major step up from what i used to dream before. You might think i am exaggerating, but last night’s dream was most definitely a work of art 🙂 . For example, the beginning of the dream was narrated and was in a yellowish color scheme. The view point was not static, it moved in complicated ways. For instance, at some point i was seeing things from an vantage point hovering in the sky then all of a sudden rushed between incoming heavy traffic (including some vehicles from Red Alert 2). I was seeing things as if i was accelerating between the vehicles going in an opposite direction of them. The only fitting music for that segment would have been Verdi’s Dies Irae Requiem.

I know what you might be thinking, and no i haven’t seen a movie since at least two or three weeks. Nothing super dramatic has been happening in my life .. just the dreams got better 🙂

Unfortunately, as all dreams, this one ended before i wanted it too. Don’t you hate it when you’re dreaming and then you get disrupted and you get into a state when you are not dreaming any more but you are not quite awake yet ? Then you try to get back into the dream but it doesn’t work ? Then you try to stimulate your mind by trying to think of a continuation for the dream and it sometimes succeeds and you’re back in and sometimes it doesn’t. Well unfortunately this was one of those times when i couldn’t get back to my dream. Ahhh .. only if there was a way to capture dreams and continue them over multiple nights 🙂

  1. Wow, looks like you have intense adventures in your dreams!

    Unlike you, I only have dreams when i’m restless and that’s why I honestly would hate ever having a continuation to my dreams.

  2. You’ve been smoking haven’t you!

    I too wish there is a way to “tape” dreams… it would be awesome

  3. secratea: hehe .. it is not all good. Some dreams are very frightening/depressing, but some are extremely good 🙂

    KJ: … lah ya abo shreek .. walla lisatny saleem .. and yeah, regarding that dreams tape idea … hey i beat you to it :-p

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