Mental Recession

I have come to the belief that i operate in a sinusoidal pattern of eagerness and laziness. I am now in my laziness period of this sine curve and boy does it suck. I hate the feeling of having to do something but not wanting to do anything. I hate sitting there like a waste of air and space contributing nothing to nothing. But alas this mental recession is almost over. I can feel days of more energy coming up ahead; or so i hope.

Note: Just to let you know how lazy i am getting, i thought about writing more in this post, but i am too lazy to do so.

  1. Yeah man, I have been meaning to re-write my CV as well as update my “professional” sites (ie LinkedIn) and I haven’t done so!

  2. Having the same feeling – it’s a shit feeling – wanting to do more but can’t.

  3. sanfoor kasool lol
    Please remind me with your famous phrase? “yahoodi kasar osba3o” or whatev LOL tehee..

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