Still Alive

It turns out i am still alive :-P. This has been such a hectic period full of deadlines, assignments, teaching, presentations, projects, and finally some sickness. I have been peering on QP every now and then, but not as much as i should/(would like to).

Ahh, so what’s new ? we got a series of really cold days that really made me look forward to spring time. Luckily, it hasn’t snowed much, and whatever few traces of sunshine we get were sufficient to melt most of the snow off the ground which is good.

I have been contemplating building a web service to track what are my favorite bloggers up to (besides their posts), but whenever i get excited about it i start thinking that nobody else would find it useful so i continue to put it on hold (probably i might never get around to actually doing it :-P).

It seems that Hani Obaid has either gone offline or started to blog anonymously. I was saddened to see that because i used to enjoy his insightful comments on things (although i wasn’t a fan of his last move requiring people to sign in to be able to comment on his articles). Tooteh seems to have blocked her site, i hope no body has been bothering her. Garfan has changed his theme and somehow now i can’t comment on his blog. Finally, Nizar has been breaking into these intense theological discussions with everyone else (which i frankly don’t see the point behind). I could extrapolate this and say that QP is disintegrating without me, but i know that people are just fine and i’m not that important :-P.

What else, what else … Ahh … i cooked Bamyeh a few weeks back which turned out to be superb :-D. Funny enough, when i googled for some recipes online, Qwaider’s page come up among the top results. I found it amusing that his page and other recipe sites all used feminine narrative in their writing. I understand why would that be the case, however to be honest i felt it was a bit sexist. Yet still .. i guess you are bound to have this problem if you are dealing with a language in which everything is either masculine or feminine. I don’t read French, but i wonder how are these things written in French.

Oh .. this was pretty amazing … our college campus has been mostly dormant about the events in Gaza .. until suddenly one of the Islamic student groups surprised everyone with a huge, symbolic, and very civilized display to remind everyone with the human cost (on both sides) of the latest round of violence. This must have caught the pro-Israeli groups off guard because they started acting immaturely and started attacking and vandalizing the display. It was so refreshing to see the It was really refreshing to see the Muslim and Arab groups acting in a very organized and civilized way for once.

Finally, as my last update, .. i am currently under the belief that there is nothing random in life and you can explain and simulate everything (more about it here)… this has changed my outlook on life .. i think i have become much more mellow since then .. i don’t know if this is good or bad.

P.S. i didn’t take a second look on this post .. i am just finishing the writing now and will press publish immediately … so i guess i am sorry about the nonsensical writing.

  1. LOL

    el walad 3am bi7ashesh


    welcome back man!

  2. Good to see you back 😀

  3. Good to see you’re still alive.
    My Bamyeh rocks man 😉 That’s why it’s up top.

    I too, miss Hani … But I wish him all the best in his decision

    Anyway .. keep up the good work

  4. welcome back za3tar. Zeit almost missed you!

    What do you mean you couldn’t comment on my blog? let me know if its something I can fix or somebody I can fire? I would do it man. Just for the za3tar presence!

  5. eh welcome back 🙂
    Next time you need a recipe would you give us a chance to help you instead of google, just post your questions and will provide you with helpful hints too..
    so what’s next, koussa me7shi ?? 😀

  6. We’re making Kousa Ma7shi today 🙂

    Itfaddalo ya jama3a 🙂

    Ba3dain it’s OK to Google. Ever since I struck a deal with them, searching for “Kousa Ma7shi” and clicking on “I’m feeling lucky” lands you on my blog

    Gotta love Google 🙂

  7. Well, I believe that there’s nothing random in life too, there’s no such athing as coincidence, but please don’t go mellow over it 😀 I know it can turn you mellow if you milk it…

    Welcome back!

  8. I just saw this lool… khalas wallaw, unprivated! haha..
    Nobody bothered.. kelna mnel3ab sawa sawa 😀

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