Funky Blade Superhero

Cross him and weep .. THIS is a super hero! None of those whimsical super-hero-wannabes.

Funky Blade Superhero

I don’t know what is the super power of these two (Nizar & KJ) .. are they really good in shopping ? 7aki Fadi’s hero isn’t even standing straight to project power. Her tiny ax and measly butterfly wings are no match for funky blade’s cool power! One swing of that sword and you are history baby! .. but not to worry, if you get your clothes dirty, I’m sure Nizar’s and KJ’s super heros know a fabulous store to buy replacements 😛

hehehe … i am having too much fun with this .. i really should back to work. Thanks KJ, Nizar, and 7aki for the link 😀

  1. HAHAHAHA . Hilariuos inta!

    Did you notice that all the superheros, bar you and Dave have wings? I guess it’s an Arab thing.

    Cool Afro by the way but my axe would CRUSH YOU.

    PS: I hate your captcha 😛

  2. By the way, my link is broken.

  3. 7aki: hehe .. i didn’t notice that winged phenomena .. but i am guessing it is because we Arabs think we are too cool for walking on Earth, we must be flying .. (actually this kinda explains Arab driving :-P).

    Oh no .. your axe is no match for my super cool sword. My blade is made of za3tarismo .. the hardest element in the universe .. it is indestructible and yet as light as a feather. No way can your tiny axe withstand a single blow from my cool weapon.

    By the way .. my superhero is so awesome that he doesn’t use a razor to shave .. he just uses his sword. He is so authoritative, when he talks he sounds like Mufasa from the Lion King.

    P.S.: Fixed your link, and yes i am working on removing the Captcha system

  4. LOL

    Man, the mere sight of super moogle (the monarch) will obliterate your existence! (just don’t aim at the brain)


    Reading from your comment on my blog, I seriously expected a wild hero, LOL, go get a haircute dude ^^

  6. Nice, I have to admit it man, yours is way better than mine, mine now looks so gay.

  7. Afro…really?
    Better than mine lol

    [b]also hate ur captcha[/b]

  8. what a great hero, is it have a movie ? or comic? whatever i think he is not some serious hero, right?

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