Gaza Crisis & The Elections

What is the motive behind the Israeli assault on Gaza? If Israel only seeks to stop the rocket attacks coming from Gaza as they claim, then surely a heavy assault and killing upwards of 900 people will not help. Mass violence and death does not send a clear signal of peace, and does not sway the civilians of Gaza towards peace. The motives behind this assault are clearly political.

Gaza Crisis & The Elections

  1. Well put!

    Except that we do care. The street does care. But our governments are made in such a way that the street is nothing but, wlad shaware3!

  2. Peace between israel and gaza ! The Peace can win !

  3. Just numbers….. just numbers……
    Am not proud to say so but animal rights are better supported than human rights when it comes to Gaza…
    And of course, “blind one-sided support for Israel” khaleeni m2adabeh but you may use the rest of my comment to curse everyone out as you please.

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