Israel Bombs UN School; IDF claims no shooting, then admits and releases a 2-year old video

Before the current violence in Gaza, the UN gave GPS coordinates of all of its facilities to Israel to avoid accidental firing as is done in all war situations. However, as we all know, UN staff or buildings were hit several times in the last week. The most famous of which was the Al-Fakhura school which was run by the UN and had sheltered hundreds of Palestinian civilians escaping the onslaught outside. However, the Israeli military bombed that school on January 6th killing at least 42 people.

To explain this, the Israeli military said that there were some fighters who attacked Israelis from that location, and that they even saw the dead bodies of the fighters after the strike. They later released a video on YouTube showing people firing rockets from that school’s area.

Later on, an officer in the Israeli military admitted there was no firing of rockets from that school in that incident. On top of that, the video that was released by the IDF was of October 2007 which was more than 2 years before the incident.

I am not coming up with this on my own, it was even published in an article in the Israeli newspaper Haaretz.

So for those who still want an evidence that Israel does not avoid civilians and they do not obey international codes for military conduct, I hope this gives you the proof.

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