“Egyptian Language” Wikipedia

Have you noticed the new Egyptian-accent Wikipedia ? This is actually true! Some articles are written in “Egyptian”, there is an Egyptian portal, and a full-Egyptian version of Wikipedia. I think this is odd (to say the least).

I have to say, i find the Egyptian search boxes funny 🙂

Are they doing this to promote easy use of Wikipedia to Egyptians ? After all there is a “Simple English” version of Wikipedia. I don’t know .. but i still think it is a bit odd.

  1. HAHAHHAHAHAHHAA 🙂 7shasheen el masarweh 🙂 so im not amazed ;D

  2. reading the post title and the excerpt with my feed reader I thought it’s a joke but now I’m shocked.

  3. :O :O
    really funny and strange some how


    may be we can add Jordan on the list 😀
    but disasters may happen by that 😀

  4. haha, I demand a Jordanian wikipedia 😀

  5. LOL, i’ll be honored to provide the “shami” accent

  6. Actually I like it. For some reason I have always thought that Arbizing English, specially in the tech domain, always sounded weird. I only hope that the inclusion of an Egyptian accent wiki will spread the use, and increase the number of Arabic language articles, on wikipedia.

  7. It is so bad to write the Arabic language in slang words rather than classical words.

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