Wonders of Al Arabiya #2

This news site never fails to surprise me.

So there you have it ladies and gentlemen; the third headline is about a SImpsons episode, and the fourth headline is about a Facebook group against coloured Kuffiyehs !! However, they did not include their usual “sex headline” .. maybe because it is Hajj season.

Come on Al Arabiya, yes not all your news have to be political, but please prioritize and separate things correctly. I can hardly see why would you ever report a Facebook group on your front page!

Honestly, it it seems to me that Al Arabiya always tries to play to a target audience of highly emotional people. So if they want to have them feel happy, they would report a trivial non-news happy issue (like: the last Simpsons episode contained a none terrorist Muslim Arab). If they want to stir up Lebanese/Palestinian flame war, they would report on a regional non-issue (like: A Palestinian Facebook group protesting against coloured Kuffiyehs in Lebanon). If they want to get the audience buzzing for a while, they would report one of their usual sex items (examples are too many to list).

Come on Al Arabiya, you can report what ever you want, but please put everything in its correct place. I bet there is something happening regionally, in the Arab world, or globally that is more interesting than a Facebook group or a Simpsons episode.

Also, by the way Al Arabiya, the “right wing channel” was not airing an episode to “defend Islam”. It was talking about intolerance and prejudging people (American Muslims in this case) of being terrorists. So that episode was tackling issues of stereotyping Americans Arabs and Muslims rather than “defending Islam”. This is just another example of how Al Arabiya plays into an emotional audience.

  1. I believe this is normal at least when you think of it as piece of news and each one of us interpret it in his own way, it’s the same news and the different here is the presentation that carry their own interpretation.

    btw, installing a comment notifier is highly recommended

  2. Jad: Thanks for your comment. I agree with you, these items are still news as you said however i am more or less frustrated at their placement. I would think that if they were to present Facebook groups and Simpson episodes on the main page, they should at least put them in a different sub section.

    Yes, the presentation of news items on Al Arabiya are more emotional in my opinion. Aljazeera has this problem to a lesser extent.

    As for the comments notifier, i have had “per post comments rss” enabled so people can subscribe to each comment by itself. But i have also added comments notification by email as well. Thanks for the advice.

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