What do your keywords say about you ?

A long time ago, when search engines were relatively primitive, the “meta keywords” section of your site/blog were used as a first heuristic for search engine optimization. All of us, of course, want search engines to find us; so when we created blogs back then, we would dump anything and everything that could be –even remotely– related to us or the topic of our blog into that meta keywords section (some blogging engines even asked you about that).

Nowadays, hardly any search engine looks at the meta keywords or meta description sections of your blog. So they are more or less useless (as far as i know). However, it is sometimes fun to look at these keywords to see what each blogger thinks of himself or his blog.

Just for reference, this is how the “meta keywords” tag would look like in an HTML file:

<meta name="keywords" content="keyword,another keyword ..." />

For a little entertainment, i checked out the meta keywords of some of the folks on QP. Not everybody had them, and mostly all who did included their names or misspells of their names. Here are some of the interesting keywords:

  • AndFarAway: Jordan, Design, Art, Amman, Islam, Arab, Chat, Blog, Pictures … (ok this one kinda works out)
  • KJ: UAE, Dubai, Moogle, Humor, Funny, Thoughts, Hani Obaid (huh ??), Sheep, Holidays, Adha, Turkey, Thanksgiving, Religion, Ambush, Grand Theft Auto, Lost and Found, Police, Eyelashes, James Bond, Nutcase, OCD, Psychology, Traffic, Women in Coma  (what ???), Photography, Blood, Scary, Video, Violence, Zombies …..(essentially KJ encompasses everything under the sun!! .. and then some! 🙂 )

Now if KJ’s keywords didn’t catch you, then his meta description might lure you in:

  • KJ’s meta description: Jar of Juice is your ultimate source for humor, randomness, and your occasional serious post! … (somebody is confident :-p … actually this one also kinda works out)
  • Hani Obaid (who apparently also is a keyword for KJ): Jordan, Amman, Blog, Canada, WordPress, Montreal, Blogger … (what ? no mention of KJ ?!! 😉 )
  • Qwaider: Photography, Philosophy, Movies,  Jordan, Arab, Blog, Islam, Computers, Science and Technology … (ok this one also works out .. but what’s up with that “LutsToLove” email address in the meta text ?)
  • Cinamon Zone: Animals, Arab World, Art, Blog about Jordan Day, Books and Literature, Children, Courage, Diaries, Fekra, Funny, Health, Science, Miscellaneous, Nakba, Palestine, Phobia, Pictures, Comments, Ramadan, Movies, Sports, Thoughts, Translation, TV, Videos, Women, Work, Zucchini … (also everything under the sun …. but what’s up with Zucchini as a keyword ?!! 🙂 )

I only posted this for a little smile, no harm intended. I would have also posted my own meta keywords if i had them.

  1. Lutsolove is the unmonitored email address that gets spammed witless. So it’s really lotsalove! 🙂

    And I totally agree with you, these stupid Meta words no longer mean squat! Just like the Technorati tags .. Thank god the search engines got smarter

  2. What! I never thought I would became a meta keyword. It sounds contagious 🙂

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