I think this is my personal sign that i have grown up. Restraint! The other end of the dialog was sitting there making wild inaccurate claims, patronizing me, and softly attacking me. Not once, not twice, but many times. For a solid half an hour. Two years ago i would have fired back at the first instance. But this time i remained quite. As the conversation grew longer, my internal conflict escalated: “Don’t take that! Type! Yell! Do something!” a voice inside me was shouting. But i remained quite. Let time show them the error of their ways.

I knew i had done nothing wrong. I knew it was not my mistake. The other end of the dialog was not my boss, so i did not stay quite out of fear, respect, or protocol.

I knew i could have talked back, for hours if necessary. But i also knew that discussion was futile. So i fought my inner demons and stayed quite. I showed restraint. I can not say that i am completely satisfied yet. Part of me still wants talk back. But i am generally happy with my decision: Restraint!

  1. It’s a sign of male maturity alright. And a sign of female weakness. Or that’s what they think 🙂

    Good for you man, give them a bloody nose next time 🙂

  2. That’s good dude, but another part of maturity is to know how much you restrain and when! Next time get a shotgun

  3. Qwaider: Thanks.

    KJ: You are absolutely right, but talking with that person was fruitless so i decided to conserve my energy.

  4. Like Q said, this is harder to do as a female LOL but I too have been doing first attempts, not bad 🙂
    I just cant stay quiet or else bemrad lool, bless ya! I just let it rest and bring it out nice and easy later on to people. So, bro….. if its another one of those girls…. 3ndy wallaw LOL. Just have her meet me times square 3 o’clock sharp loool. As soon as she approaches I’ll drop to the floor and scream to make a scene, busttttted! hahah

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