A Qwaider-ical Moment

I never got too hung up on Qwaider’s old rants and exposés about the seemingly odd behavior of the “gentle gender” — that is of course before he got tamed 🙂 . After all, i am not much of a “zeer” with the ladies, and my encounters thus far have been all orderly and humane :-p.

But that all changed today. I was out with a bunch of friends with some history between them. One of them had a “not so secret” crush on one of the guys who didn’t seem to reciprocate or care. However in that lady’s mind, she was already married to him and he was her property (almost literally). Not only that, but she was also jealous of any other woman talking to him .. ever!

In her mind she had a competitor (a dorra) which was another lady in our group who she met through him. That “dorra” knew the guy from high school and they had much in common. The crazed lady recently learned that her “dorra” had previously gotten engaged and broke her engagement, and today she decided to take a swipe at that!!! So we were there eating and chatting, and all of a sudden she goes: “Wow S., you and her have a lot in common, no wonder she broke up with her fiancé to hang out with you” !!!!

Needless to say that was very awkward and impolite. I mean, how dare she exploit her imaginary “competitor”‘s private life like that! And to do that in public with the rest of us around ! I still can’t believe that. Of course my friend was shocked and didn’t know what to do. He had nothing going on with his old school friend, yet that crazy woman is making some very ugly remarks .. and in public!

I don’t know what to say but, Qwaider: 1 — Crazy Women: 0

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  1. LOL Man!
    Everything that has to do with women has to involve drama! There’s a lot that goes on, a ton of it is theatrics … But at least, I miraculously escaped, alive 🙂
    Anyway, one day, you’re going to be like me. Look back at some of the things you said, or wrote and pray to the lord that she’s not going to read them again because at the end of the day my dear friend
    A happy bunny is worth more than a lonely Lion 🙂


  2. that woman has a scary case of “fatal attraction”!! i hope your friend would not mix with her anymore!
    not all women are crazy…one day you will know.

  3. Dude, change that to “gentle gender”. Sugar and spice, and everything nice! gentile means none-jewish 😀

  4. Qwaider: hehe .. yeah i have a feeling i might regret this if i start posting such posts frequently. Now wait a second, are you the happy bunny or is she ?

    Summer: Yeah, i still believe that not all women are like that (that is why i put the score for Qwaider vs. crazy women rather than all women 😉 ). But you are right, we are actually planning to sit down with that guy and tell him to either have a word with her or just avoid her completely.

    Hani: Thank you very much for that correction. That was embarrassing 🙂

  5. lool ALLA y3eeno 3leeha esra7a 🙂
    7bet t3lee2 qwider 5asa ” a happy bunny is worth more than a lonely Lion ”

  6. LOL! the old days of my husband, bs la t5af 3aleah, he still makes those comments about women, bs he says at the end “NOT YOU MAI” 🙂
    walahi between the 2 of us, i’m the happ bunny, bs he keeps on giving everybody the impression the he is the happy bunny, wala bastarji afta7 temmi, daba7li el otta 😀 LOL!

  7. I wonder what she was thinking she was going to get out of a comment like that.

  8. Do you know what happened to Qwaider after he wrote such posts?
    HE GOT MARRIED …. would you want that to happen to yourself?!!

    PS : the typo still shows on the planet lol

    I love my captcha this time 😀
    Kindness man’s haha

  9. marwa: hehe, yeah 3anjad allah ey3eeno 3aleyha .. although my personal recommendations to him would be to run away and never look back.

    Maioush: Yup, you did a very good job of taming that wolf .. and very quickly may i add 😀

    jessyz: you know .. i have no idea

    LostWithin: hahaha .. yeah .. but don’t worry .. so far i seem immune from what got Qwaider :-p.
    As for the typo, QP keeps a cached copy of the first few lines, that is why it shows .. but it is not problem (as long as it got fixed in the original document)

  10. Hani: gentile as far as i know mean gentrified and is deragatory to refer to Jews as non-gentile as it is a throwback to anti-semitic europe.

    Za3tar: habal yihbilha miskeeni. but not a representation of the misleadingly called ‘gentle’ sex

  11. loolt: hahaha .. yes i am positive she is by no means a good representative.

  12. If I were you I’d call her a b***h right there and then and just give her my best grin 😀

  13. These kinda stories are soooo second nature to your “gentle gender” that i’m so indifferent to the story… meh, another *points at KJ’s use of language*

  14. Trust me, you’ll never know what goes on in a woman’s mind when she feels jealous. For a moment, everything she does makes sense and is completely justfied, the world becomes centered on the imaginary love triangle she dreamed up in her mind. Calling jealousy a fire that eats away at you her is an understatement… despite the fact that she’s gonna kick herself later for being extremely stupid and irrational.

    Hell hath no fury like a scorned jealous woman…

  15. loolt, you’re thinking of the second obsolete definition of gentile.

    The first, definition (at least in the OED) is none-Jewish. Here’s the full entry.

    A. adj. I. In applications derived from the Vulgate (“dZEntaIl). Now usually written with capital initial.

    1. Of or pertaining to any or all of the nations other than the Jewish. †Also absol. used as a collective n. = the Gentiles.
    c1400 Apol. Loll. 6 Constreyning þe gentil to be com Jewes in obseruaunce. 1686 J. Scott Chr. Life (1747) III. 51 A current Doctrine among the ancient Writers, both Gentile and Jewish. 1774 J. Bryant Mythol. II. 118 There had been a true notion of the Deity transmitted by Zoroaster+when the rest of the gentile world was in darkness. 1782 Priestley Corrupt. Chr. I. i. 6 The richer and more learned gentile christians. 1888 A. Levy Reuben Sachs xi. 156 A goodly contingent of Gentile dancing men+and a smaller band of Gentile ladies.

    b. Similarly, as used by the Mormons: Of or pertaining to any outside the Mormon community.
    1861 R. F. Burton City Saints iv. 271 The Endowment House+and all appertaining to it is carefully concealed from Gentile eyes and ears. Ibid. 276 It rests on the best and fairest Gentile evidence.

    †2. Heathen, pagan. Obs.
    1494 Fabyan Chron. v. lxxxii. 60 Thyse straungers+were of ye Gentyle or Pagan lawe. 1535 Stewart Cron. Scot. II. 137 Thai war withoutin men also, Of gentill faith, and also Cristis fo. 1542 Udall in Lett. Lit. Men (Camden) 5 Scipio Africanus the elder (to whom the gentile histories dooe attribute this honourable testimonie). 1613 Purchas Pilgrimage (1614) 477 Twentie Gentile Kings are numbred in his Court. 1647 A. Ross Mystag. Poet. xv. (1675) 377, I wonder not why the Gentile gods were so cruel and savage. 1695 Woodward Nat. Hist. Earth iii. i. (1723) 132 The ancient Gentil Writers. 1789 Brand Hist. Newcastle II. 51 note, The basilicæ of gentile Rome+were converted into churches on their conversion to Christianity.

    II. Senses derived from cl. L. (Usually “dZEntIl.)

    3. Pertaining to a nation or tribe. Now rare.
    1513 Douglas Æneis vii. iv. 56 That was the sett eik by thair gentill law Deput for hallowit feyst and mangeory. 1645 E. Pagitt Heresiogr. (1661) 196 Such a one as the Iewes call a National or Gentile Saint. 1677 W. Harris tr. Lemery’s Course Chym. (1686) Ep. Ded., Who have spent so many years+in France and who is+a Great master of that Gentile Language. 1858 Gladstone Homer I. 419 Twice in the Catalogue Homer has occasion to use the Achæan name locally, and in its original or, so to speak, gentile sense.

    b. Gram. Of a word: Indicating the country, locality, or nation to which anything belongs.
    1818 Todd, Gentile, belonging to a nation; as British, Irish, German, &c., are gentile adjectives. 1854 R. G. Latham Native Races Russian Emp. 223 Lainen is the regular Finlandish termination for gentile nouns.

    4. Of or pertaining to a gens or to gentes.
    1846 Grote Greece (1854) I. 465 There were in every gens or family special gentile deities. 1865 Merivale Rom. Emp. VIII. lxvii. 260 He combined in his own person the gentile names of several ancestors. 1876 Freeman Norm. Conq. V. xxiv. 462 In England where the gentile system died out so much sooner. 1881 Miss Buckland in Knowledge No. 8. 158 These four women councillors select a chief of the gens from their brothers and sons, and this chief is the head of the gentile council.

    B. n. I. From A. I. (“dZEntaIl). (Usually with capital G.)

    1. One of any nation other than the Jewish.
    c1380 Wyclif Sel. Wks. III. 345 He [Petre] wolde not dele wiþ Gentiles for tendirnnesse of þe Jewis. 1490 Caxton How to Die 4 Paynyms & gentylis as were Jobe, Raab, Ruth, Achior & other semblable. 1526 Tindale Matt. x. 5 Goo nott into the wayes thatt leade to the gentyls. 1671 Milton P.R. i. 456 No more shalt thou by oracling abuse The Gentiles. 1753 Warburton Serm. I. v. 145 The representation of Jesus’s being made unto us Wisdom and Righteousness is particularly addressed to the Gentiles. 1878 J. P. Hopps Jesus iii. 15 He would go and tell them that not only Jews but Gentiles were His children. 1892 Westcott Gospel of Life 182 Zarathustra is not wholly unworthy to be placed as a Gentile by the side of Abraham.

    b. Similarly, as used by Mormons: One outside the Mormon community; opposed to ‘Saint’.
    1847 Parkman Oregon Tr. (1872) 305 The Mormons+began earnestly to+complain of the ill-usage they had received from the ‘Gentiles’. 1861 Times 21 Aug., The ‘Gentiles’, as the people are termed who are without the pale of the Mormon community. 1861 R. F. Burton City Saints viii. 417 Mr. Kennedy, an Irish Gentile.

    2. A heathen, a pagan. Now rare.
    1390 Gower Conf. II. 170 The cronique+Saith that the gentils most of alle Worshippen her. a1533 Ld. Berners Gold. Bk. M. Aurel. (1546) Biij, Neither all doctours among christen men, nor all the philosophers amonge the gentiles. 1600 J. Pory tr. Leo’s Africa i. 33 They are Gentiles in religion. 1624 I. Bargrave Serm. agst. Self Policy 32 Ecebolius with false Julian+turned Gentill. 1673 Temple Observ. Unit. Prov. Wks. 1731 I. 9 The Goths were Gentiles when they first broke into the Roman Empire. 1732 Berkeley Alciphr. i. §6 One is a Christian, another a Jew, a third a Mahometan, a fourth an idolatrous Gentile. 1844 Lingard Anglo-Sax. Ch. (1858) II. xii. 201 The church of St. Cuthbert+is given in prey to the gentiles.

    †b. spec. Of a Hindu, as distinguished from a Muslim. (Cf. gentoo.) Obs.
    1555 Eden Decades 233 heading, The prices of preciovs stones+as they are soulde bothe of the Moores and the gentyles. 1613 Purchas Pilgrimage (1614) 477 This King+more trusteth and employeth the Gentiles in his affaires then the Moores. 1653 H. Cogan tr. Pinto’s Trav. vi. 15 The Tyrant had+propounded unto this King of Batas, who was a Gentile, the imbracing of Mahomet’s Law. 1727 A. Hamilton New Acc. E. Ind. I. xiii. 148 The Customs in the Kings Books, are but 2 per Cent. for Mahometans, and 5 per Cent. for Gentiles.

    II. From A. II. (“dZEntIl).

    3. Gram. A part of speech indicating the locality or nation to which anything belongs. (Cf. A. 3b.)
    1612 Brinsley Pos. Parts (1669) 25 Q. Why are they [nostras and vestras] called Gentiles? A. Because they properly betoken pertaining to some Countrey or Nation: to some Sect or Faction. 1889 Century Dict. s.v., The words, Italian, American, Athenian, are gentiles.

    4. Roman Law. A member of the same gens.
    1875 Poste Gaius iii. Comm. (ed. 2) 316 The patrician Claudii were the gentiles of the patron. 1880 Muirhead Gaius iii. §17 On failure of agnates, the gentiles+are called to the inheritance.

  16. 2nd entry:
    obs. form of genteel, gentle.

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