Tosheh Video Clip (أغنية طوشة)

This song by the Palestinian comedian Asa’ad Sabah (أسعد صباح) was a hit during the mid 90s. It was released on a cassette tape along with many other jokes and comical songs. Almost any Palestinian growing up in the 90s would instantly recognize this song and its Hebron accent 🙂 . For those who are interested, this song is poking fun at family fights, tribal reconciliation, and marjaleh.

Why am i posting this you ask ? Nothing, some random memory recollection that came up during a chat with some anonymous tipster 🙂

  1. LOOL
    the comments on the video are creepy !
    shafrat w rated words w ma b3rf shu :S

  2. LostWithin: Yeah it is a funny video. But i remember it was released for general audience, what “rated words” are you talking about ? Are you talking about the comments on the YouTube page ?

  3. so on the same tape, did they have “abu yusef”? Thats the one I know from the 90s lol

  4. hahahahahhaa I love it! Just yesterday we were talking about Hebron accent and I ended up singing this song with my not-so-warm voie you know which led to me being told to shut up 😀

    Another accent I like is that of Aleppo in Syria, you must hear Layla wal the2eb bel 7alabi 😀

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