Ramallah Road in Jacksonville Florida

I was surfing online aimlessly when i stumbled upon this:

Isn’t it awesome ?!!

I have seen towns in the USA called Jerusalem, Bethlehem, Lebanon, Palestine, Damascus, Tyre, and Alexandria .. but these are all old biblical names and/or their corresponding cities in the Middle East are very old (from the greeko-roman times) unlike Ramallah.

And for my Jordanian readers, wala eyhimkom .. here is Amman Road in Edison New Jersey:

  1. I’ve been on Damascus, Amman, and Alexandria. I cant lie I wished my address said Damascus ave. lol

  2. cool !
    I changed the antispam thingy THRICE !!
    mo mafhom bel mara !

  3. I remember from when I was little in the Netherlands (Rotterdam) I lived in a neighborhood whose streets were name “Bethlehem st.” and “Nazareth st.” etc. So this has been around for a long time 🙂

  4. There is an area called Palestina in my city Kristianstad, Sweden.
    Palestina is Palestine in Swedish.

    Here is a map:

  5. Thats epic … wonder if those yanks know about it

  6. Hey man,
    How is life in Rammallah? It used to be my dream to live there and meet Mahmoud Darwish, I know thats not gonna happen now but do you think that a Jordanian would be allowed a visa? Maybe post about life in Rammalla, that would be nice, I would appreciate any info you have about it….

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