My Parents are on Facebook!

I woke up this morning only to find out that both my parents have created Facebook accounts :-). Talk about a morning surprise!

Over the years my family has been slowly coerced to becoming a high-tech wired group; after all, internet, email, palms/blackberries, and VoIP are all in use. Yes we are truly a nahfeh :-). I’ve gotten quite used to waking up on some days to find 7 forwarded emails from my mom in my inbox.

However, transition and adoption of new tech is rarely smooth. Things do take getting used to. I sometimes do wonder how do people who were not in contact with high tech gadgets in their teens or 20s deal with such things. After all, they grew up without seeing value for such things, and have adapted to going about their daily routine without such “interference”.

Perhaps what is even more interesting than the view of our parents and other people from their generation, is our view on things when we get in their position. We (pretty much all the readers of this blog) have all grown up in the age of computers and rapid technological jumps. So we are quite accustomed to frequently changing to new things, using new websites, new gadgets ..etc. So will we have an easier time adapting to our children’s technology in 10, 20, or 30 years ? I don’t know. I guess only time will tell. But for now, i will just go post something on my father’s wall 🙂

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  1. Nice!
    But I’m not sure I want to see my parents on facebook 🙂 I would want them to get more tech savvy, but .. that’s how it’s going to be I guess!

  2. Do mom and dad read this blog?

  3. Oh God, I wouldn’t want parents on FB. I’d have constant ta72ee2 on who it is writing on my wall and what the story is REALLY all about lool. For goodness sake the last time mama saw me typing “lolo” (laughing) she told my brother 3m dale3 wa7ed lulu LOOOL

  4. one of my kids is on face book but i cannot find him there, he must have blocked me!!! my two other kids are on some social network that i am not on, but hey…to each his own!
    i am not a nosy mom…i repect their privacy and they do mine! 😉

  5. looooool
    I will never add my parents on FB though I show mom my account and other people’s accounts just for fun
    but those elderly shud drop it y3ni to each his own …
    ur family wud be totally nahfeh if u had one of ur grandparents on FB wud be a 1st lol

  6. I will close my account the day one of my parents gets his own, I got lots of things there that I wana keep away from my family 😀

  7. Wow .. it seems that people are generally hesitant of having their parents share FB with them :-). I still have to wait and see if adding my parents will drastically change things. I bet that after a few days they will stop checking it all together because none of their peers is on it 🙂

    Qwaider: Yup, that’s how it’s going to be. With all the kids on the block raving about something, the parents are sure to dabble some time 🙂

    Dandoon: I told them about it, but i doubt they read it .. they are bored of me as it is :-p

    Batoul: hahahaha … “lulu” that is great!!

    Summer: you sound like a cool hip mom 🙂 .. my younger brother seems to be hiding away from my dad on FB too 😀 .. i don’t know if he’ll catch him or if he’ll care .. i’ll have to wait and see this one

    LostWithin: hehehehe .. oh dude, it will be a total project to get my grandmother on FB .. i doubt it will happen though.

    Nizar: hahahahaha … well take care buddy .. and always be prepared for plan B 😀 you never know when they join!

  8. I think our kids will be mocking us terribly. We are following up with technology yes, but if you look at it, the stuff we are missing out on, our kids would grow up using. And we’d be the butt of their jokes and rolling eyes 😀

    It’s called karma.

  9. My parents have also created facebook accounts recently, my father doens’t use it but m mom is quite in love with it 😀 It’s really ironic how children become tutors for their parents! Always amusing… Maye one day our kids will laugh at us when they try to teach us about whatever new technology that might unfold in the future!

    The other day I was talking to my brother about how parents in general are fascinated with new technologies. For us, we grew up with these things, but for some old folks even mobiles could be something fascinating… Like when someone mentions that “Abu khaleel” called him and he didn’t answer, then he puts on a slightly smug look and says: bas ma 7akait ma3ah, ba3attelloh message

  10. All khalati are on facebook….even my older ones that are grandmas (some of them are still in my ‘friends requested’ section). Recently my mom asked me to make her a facebook and I just told her it’s not not allowed. She makes the neighbor’s daughter show her my facebook all the time and then she’ll call me to give me a bahdala about something (did you gain weight….did you go shopping…etc)

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