My name is 3abd elShafee2; Mos7sin 3abd elShafee2

I just watched the latest Bond movie. I have to say I kinda liked it. This was the first Bond movie I watch ever, so now I am considering watching some of the previous ones.

  1. The new one is radically different in style than the old movies, so be warned!

    when I read it I was like : Abdulshafee2?!! Za3tar’s namer is Abdulshafee2 ?! :O msh zabet ! lol

  3. I thought that you were revealing your real name 😀

    Same, I have watched Casino royale and Quantum of solace, I am considering watching one of the previous ones but don’t know which one to watch.

  4. LOL oh za3tar za3tar…
    you trouble blogsphere with your name issue hahah

  5. Soooo, I am not the only person on this planet who has not watched any of the James Bonds movies in their lives

  6. KJ: I haven’t watched any of the previous ones, but now i am considering watching “Casino Royal”.

    LostWithin: mwaahahaha … excellent (read with Mr. Burns’ voice)

    Nizar: heheh .. Yeah, i am now contemplating watching Casino Royal and some of the old ones as well.

    Batoul: oh barboora 🙂 .. yeah i am all trouble :-p

    Dana: Sad2eeny i was just like you .. this was the very first Bond movie i ever watched .. it wasn’t bad actually … so you can/should watch it if you get the chance.

  7. Za3tar, this if off topic, but can we rely on some support from you regarding this?

  8. Qwaider: Of course!! Thank you for notifying me about this. I will write something tonight and encourage my friends to speak out and contact people who might do something about this.

  9. try golden eye thats my favorite

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