The new South Park episode is AWESOME !!!

I am not normally a South Park fan. But this latest episode titled About Last Night … (story line here) is just AWESOME! I don’t know how they managed to pull off such an episode with so many correct references to last night’s elections in this short time. It seriously is awesome and the story line is really really cool. Check it out if you can.

  1. They read my post of Nov. 1st.

  2. IT IS ABOSLUTELY AMAZING. loved every bit of it.

  3. Stopped watch south park after that George Lucas thing

    That woz hysterical

  4. I hate south park, it sucks except that episode.

    It seems that they have done the episode a while before it got aired and they just added the speech part at the beginning the night of the election.

  5. “obama your so fine, you make loose my mind”
    Stans dad is a legend

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