1st mention of Palestinians in the U.S. presidential race (as an attack!!)

*** Update: The Washington Post has an excellent editorial article about this here ***

Chances are that you have heard, read, or watched something about the current American presidential campaign. Of course, the candidates are pandering to the public and promising to work on many of America’s pressing issues. The current economic and health crises are focusing most of the talking points on domestic issues –such as taxes, health plans, economy, energy, reform ..etc– with the occasional mention of foreign policy.

Yet, unsurprisingly, Israel was mentioned in every single presidential debate, in the vice presidential debate, in most of the rally speeches, and in most of the interviews. It is almost a domestic issue.The candidates agree on this one: Israel is America’s closest ally in the Middle East; America will always have unwavering support of Israel; America will ensure Israel’s security ..etc. Sarah Palin repeated three times in one of her interviews that “[the USA] should never second guess Israel” [video here]. Heck, even Joe the Plumber is stumping for Israel expressing his worries if Obama becomes the president. Really ? It made its way to the speech of Joe the Plumber ?!!

But don’t be discouraged my friends. Today the Palestinians got their first mention in this campaign since the AIPAC speeches in the democratic primaries. Nonetheless, it came as a form of an attack from the Good Ol’ Party. Woooo, Obama has ties to the “radical Palestinian” Rashid Khalidi.

I haven’t heard of Khalidi before today. But from what i could gather online about him, he is an American born in New York of Palestinian decent. He studied at Yale and Oxford universities, and he is a professor and the current director of the Middle East Institute at the prestigious Columbia University. He is a member of the Board of Sponsors of The Palestine-Israel Journal, and frequently publishes scholarly articles about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

The “controversy” about him in the American medium stems from him sometimes criticizing the actions of Israel and expressing differing views about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and the difficulties in realizing the two-state solution. Now he is being (apparently falsely) tied to the PLO and then to Obama! This thing came to light because of an LA Times newspaper article saying that there exists a tape of Obama in a dinner which Khalidi attended, but the paper refuses to release that tape because it would violate source confidentiality or whatever. What grabbed my attention is this response quote from McCain:

“I Guarantee you, if there was a tape with me and Sarah Palin and some Neo-Nazi or one of those you think that tape would be made public ?”

So let me get this straight, criticizing some of Israel’s actions or having differing views on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict than the acceptable American-Israeli view is now equatable with neo-Nazism !!!

Cheer up American-Palestinians and Palestinians around the world, here is your first mention in the American presidential campaign. You have become an attack piece that Palin will probably go touting around. And remember please, don’t you ever dare to criticize any action of Israel or show anything but complete support of Israel’s view of the conflict, or else, you will be a neo-Nazi!

Anyway, to show you how information technology is being used in this campaign, I did some Googling to learn about this Khalidi character, and i saw this ad:

(try this yourself)

To know why this ad is important, check out the trend of people searching for Khalidi and notice the recent spike:

So … yeah … we finally got a mention in this race .. yaay!! 🙁

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  1. This is just sad! If it proves anything it’s how gullible the average “Joe the plumber” is. When they get lied to IN THEIR FACE and not even knowing it!
    You know I wonder, how many Jews are in the US, and how many people are from Muslim and Arab descent? I bet you Arabs are going to beat that number 10 to 1. What would happen if a presidential candidate said, “we’re going to deal with the Israeli-Palestinian conflict in a just manner and stop any violation from either side”
    Do you think pro Israeli lobby will have enough momentum to stop him? He would certainly win the vote of Neo-Nazis, that’s for sure!

  2. The world is run my amoebas

  3. Considering the sway that AIPAC has, does this really surprise you?

  4. No matter who wins, the US will still support Israel- because the American people support Israel- and they don’t like you.

    They always did support israel and they never supported you.

    By the way, out of the 2 Presidential candidates and their Vice prresidential candidates, Joe Biden has the longest and most pro-Israel record.

    It has nothing to do with AIPAC. It has to do with your peoples’ barbaric behavior and beliefs.

  5. Barbarism is what Israel does every single day, you don’t have to venture far to see with your own eyes how Israel is violating every human right there is
    And before you talk about beliefs, Arabs, and Muslims didn’t make the Holocaust…

    Just continue to toot your own horns

  6. Barbarism is what Israel prevents every day. I see it with my own eyes.


    Just continue to deny reality.

  7. So?? How come you forgot the Pope? And even if Haj Amin was in support of something or not, how is this related to Arabs [Making] the holocaust?

    Oh and wonderful, you’re quoting a racist ISRAELI site as your proof! Well done! The site which is owned and operated to spew propaganda of ZOA Zionist Organization of America, A movement that doesn’t only harbor and promote terrorism, racism and conspires against everything and everyone who would dare speak out. But also, a movement that is against some of the Jewish beliefs.
    Please refer to all the violations of Human rights, the UN resolutions and the illegal acts before calling anyone a terrorist. In all fairness, everyone who supports state run terrorism is a terrorist with blood on their hands and conscious… (I was actually referring to Hitler…)

  8. Qwaider: Thank you for your responses and defense. I am not really sure whether Emet is interested in real dialog or just hate speech. After all, he went to a neutral article about “spam” and blamed it on Arabs & Mulsims calling us terrorists.

    Emet: I have stated previously on numerous occasions that i and the rest of my blogger friends are open and willing for a civilized discussion with any Israeli or any person in this world. However, mindless hate speech will not get us anywhere.

    It is ludicrous to blame the Arabs and the Palestinians for the holocaust. I think i don’t even have to explain that. I don’t even know whether most the Palestinians knew what the Nazis were up to besides there being a big war. So please, stop those ridiculous charges.

    You say that you see acts of barbarianism every day, then i just request from you to just see what the Israeli army is doing in the West Bank every single day. See these videos from Bet’Selem that show Israeli settlers attacking and hitting Palestinians in the West Bank while they try to harvest their own crops on their own farms. See them destroying some of the crops. See all the check points and closures that Israel imposes on the Palestinians in the West Bank every single day. Just look at the ratio of innocent civilians that died on both sides. The number of children that died on both sides. I think the numbers speak for themselves. So you can not sit here and deny that Israel is not engaging in deplorable acts.

    Mr Emet, Israel unfortunately always uses the policies of mass punishment, and rarely distinguishes between innocent people. Look at March of this year where Israel killed more than 100 Palestinians in just 3 days, the vast majority of which were innocent civilians and at least 60 of which were women and children. Isn’t that barbaric ?

    Many people overlook the fact that Israel often behaves like a state that is above the international law. Look at the numerous UN resolutions that Israel still refuses to abide by. Even the “West Bank Barrier” (i am humoring you and using a pro-Israeli term here), was judged as unlawful by the International Court of Justice. Did Israel listen ? No! The issue was also taken to the UN security council where all but two or three nations voted against it (including Israel). Yet, Israel ignored that.

    There are countless many issues just like that. I and the rest of my friends, and the vast vast majority of the Palestinians inside the West Bank and Gaza, just want to live a normal life. We have never hurt anybody, and chances are that we will never hurt anybody. Yet we are still punished by Israel every single day. Many of us are killed without any excuse by Israel. Yes there have been innocent Israeli casualties, and we do not condone that, but look at the numbers and ratios Emet.

    So before you go ahead and ridicule us and label us as “terrorists” Please take a minute to think and look at what is happening on the ground.

  9. za3tar,

    I don’t blame the Arabs for the Holocaust. I blame them for what they have done since. By the way:


    As long as your neighbors choose terrror and violence, you too will pay the price for it- and it will get higher and higher, as long as it continues. You see that.

    As to the UN resolutions, YOU violently rejected UN 181 in 1948 and went to war. That caused all of the problems.

    And you claimed that the UN had no authority to issue such resolutions.

    Now what you are telling me is that because you lost the war that you illegally started, you want to hide behind the same UN that you claimed had no authority.

    Liffe doesn’t work that way, habibi.

    If you want to live a normal life, then you had better make sure your Jewish neighbors can as well.

    No peace for us means no peace for you, and we see who will pay a higher price for that.

  10. Emet:

    First of all, please if you want to have a civilized dialog, do not comment in a threatening way. None of us here is talking in a threatening way and i don’t think you should.

    As for “Mein Kempf”, i read the article, and they do not back up the claims with anything, and they are talking about the streets of London. I am from the West Bank Emet, and i can tell you that your claim is not true.

    Second of all, what do you mean “PLO-occupied” parts of the West Bank ? Are you claiming that the West Bank is part of Israel and we are occupying it ? Then where shall the Palestinians go ? Emet, it is internationally admitted that the West Bank has been under *Israeli* occupation since 1967, so don’t twist the truth.

    After that you go on and start promoting the idea of mass punishment. You seem to be okay with punishing the many by the actions of the few. Look, even if i were to follow that bad justification, Israel is still applying punishing all Palestinians even though the majority of them and the majority of the Palestinian areas like Jericho, Bethlehem, and Ramallah are quite. The sad thing is that from your words you seem to have no regards for the innocent civilians on both sides, Israeli and Palestinian.

    I find it amusing that you decided to go back to the 1948 events. So is there nothing that happened before that or after that ? Also, when did i say that the UN has no authority ? On the contrary, i deeply believe that all nations should abide by international law and UN resolutions. Yet, Israel still refuses to implement numerous UN resolutions to date.

    You are also stressing that *I* “violently rejected” UN 181. First of all, *I* wasn’t yet born then, and i suspect neither were you. However, i can tell you that neither my grandparents, nor my uncles, nor anybody in their village participate in that war. On the contrary, their village was bloodly attacked by the Irgun, and those who didn’t escape were killed. They were nothing but innocent farmers and traders. The Israelis even wiped out the entire village and destroyed it to the ground. But i assume that is okay with you!

    The strange thing is that you and many others like you who come to argue that Israel is the victim here seem to twist the world, reality, and even history so they can justify their actions. All i am asking you to do is to look at what is happening on the ground. I agree that there is violence from the Palestinian side, but that is matched with 10 times the violence and killing from the Israeli side. The numbers speak for themselves Emet, and they need no justification. Not only in terms of casualties, but also for daily life, look at all the restrictions that Israel is putting on the daily lives of all Palestinians. I do not try to twist reality as you and your likes seem to do, all i am asking is for you to look at what is happening on the ground.

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