Did you mean Arab costume ?

I was reading an article on how a Barack Obama face mask was filed under “terrorist costumes” on Amazon.com. I ran the search myself, but i got a John McCain face mask as a result. However, what caught my attention is what Amazon returned as “related search” for that query:

(try this yourself)

That’s gotta bum you out for the rest of the day right ?

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  1. *pulls up his Amazong contats to give them an earful*

  2. I suggest posting contacts to exact department/customer service so people can email/call and complain about this utter racism. I don’t see abortion clinic bomber not FARC masks! It is Racism.

  3. I’m sick of all this stereotypical junk in this country.. ignorant dsfjakgjdfslhj.

  4. Not long back Walmart.com got in trouble over the related features on their DVDs. Something like a customer clicking on a DVD on monkeys and a DVD about African Americans appearing in the related DVDs link. When this kind of thing happens the categorization system is either too human (biased) or too artificial intelligence (dumb)!

  5. ::sigh:: i keep on thinking, and it will get worse, but the thought of it scares the heck out of me, what’s worse than this?? allah yestor, but this is really sick!

  6. Qwaider: Thanks for your effort.

    Garfan: It is discouraging isn’t it 🙁

    Batoul: Let’s not lose hope that things might change some time in the future.

    Hani: It’s interesting to know that. Would you happen to know how big was the push against Walmart ? Was it mostly online campaigns or did it hit the press first ?

    Maioush: Don’t lose hope Maioush .. it could get better some day.

  7. sheeesh

    they’re not going to grow up are they

  8. How about changing your society’s behaviour? Then it won’t happen.

    Nobody calls the Swedes terrorists- or the Japanese, or….

    It isn’t because of your race.

  9. KJ: Maybe one day.

    Emet: But good sir, please keep in mind that there is between 350 to 400 Million Arabs in this world, and you can not label all of us by the actions of a very very small bad minority. Every ethnicity has many many decent people and only a tiny minority of bad apples, and we can’t go around labeling the many by the actions of the very few.

  10. I mean really strange racism in the West

  11. za3tar,

    If it’s such a small minority, then you would have done something about them.

    You haven’t and you don’t.


  12. Political Costumes. I see them every year! My closet is usally full of old costumes from years gone past. Many dress up parties and a few toss-aways from those nights when my girlfriend wants to “spice up” our relationship. Every Halloween is the same though. Who needs to spend money on buying a new costume? Just raid the closet.
    -Helfyre Tyrell-

    “Art is never finished, only abandoned.”-Da Vinci
    Halloween Costumes

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