Ahh .. finally! My first big research project is done! The last period was mostly occupied by it. Ramadan came and went, Eid came and went, and now it is finally over. I was telling my friends how i spent 20 hours of my eid day in the office working on this, the other 4 were spent sleeping. I’m glad that is over with. During my testing we accidentally broke 3 testbeds with hundreds of computers in the East, Midwest, and Western parts of the United States (luckily they are all back up now). .. hey, you gotta break things to learn things 🙂

Perhaps this took so much of my time and focus because it was my first attempt to submit work to a major technical conference. Whether it’ll get accepted or not is still unknown .. but we did our part.

Today and tomorrow i’ll relax a little bit. Then i have to start catching up on the things that i missed during this period.

Anyway, it really feels like i am getting “back to life” now 🙂 Ahh .. i need to shave and get groomed up a bit .. i am starting to look like a caveman 🙂

See you around.

  1. ya3teek el 3afyeh Za3tar .. welcome back
    So you’ve been breaking computers huh? I’m sure you’re a favorite of the IT folks now 🙂

  2. Thank you Qwaider. Allah ey3afeek. I’m glad to be done and back.
    Yeah, haha .. i have received some emails from network admins complaining about breaking their networks .. i bet there is a bulls-eye around me somewhere :-p

  3. Shave mnshan Allah shave 😛

    Allah y36eek el 3afyh Za3tar and good luck ! inshAllah u get accepted 😀
    I’ll never understand computer people but still , tons of luck 😀

  4. Ye36eek el 3afyeh and welcome back to life! Hope your efforrts will be rewarded…

  5. heheheheh

    Yalla ALF ALF mabroooooooooooooook glad it’s over! 😀 😀

    Sit back and REJOICE!

  6. LostWithin: LOOOL … la 5alas i shaved and cut my hair … 3eeshy 🙂

    Ola: Allah ey3afeeki ya rab. Thank you

    KJ: Yeah i am glad it is over too.

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