Look What’s Coming By Mail Today

I am waiting anxiously. I have been for a couple of days.
There is an extremely important package in the mail. What’s in it ? Only some of the better things in life:

Yup! A delicious assortment of delicious Levantine pastries and an awesome traditional Ramadany dessert. I haven’t had pastries since last year! And i’ve been drooling over some good Samboosak for the past 3 months or so. Ahh, i can’t wait!

عشنا وشفنا. صار الواحد يستنى المعجنات بالبريد.

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  1. Hehehe!
    yosalo bel salama 😛
    w sa7tein in advance 😀

  2. Man, I wish I could send you some of Maioush’s creations! They’re amazing!


  3. so you’re having a great day but you couldn’t help but make it miserable for us ah :'”(

    sa7tain 🙂

  4. LostWithin: Thanks! Don’t worry, i’ll take extra care of my babies :-p

    Qwaider: Yislamo man. Ya 3ammy niyalak, el madam dayre balha 🙂

    Naser: Thanks. technically i am the one who’s day is just starting out 🙂 .. you guys have either already broken your fast, or will do that in a couple of hours.

  5. yum yum … jawwa3etni ya zaatar and it remains only one hour and half for iftar here :):)
    Saha wa hana 🙂

  6. lol, Why are you getting food by mail? 😀
    Sa7teen anyway 😛

  7. at least tell us from where did u order the delecious fatayer !!
    Are we invited for iftar ? I still have about 8hours to go..

    sa7tein w hana 🙂

  8. you poor thing lool sa7a wo hana.

  9. Mona: hehehe *evil laugh* 🙂 Thanks!

    Nizar: I’m getting it by mail because i am almost in the middle of nowhere. No Arabic food for many hundreds of Kilometers 🙁

    Noura: Well i don’t know if they’re delicious yet, but i bet they are. I had them shipped from a place called “Yasmeen Bakery” in Dearborn Michigan. You can call to order or even order online and they will ship it 🙂 . Sure, you are invited for iftar. Ahla 2o sahla (even according to the Bro Code i can’t say no 🙂 )

    Batoul: Tayeb tayeb … ishmaty feeyee inti bas 🙂

  10. Thanks for the link..it sure looks good. They have nuts from a well known Lebanese brand “Rifai”, I might order that first..
    looool @ bro code 🙂 well, am a cool bloggerette, and LOVE malfouf too..Don’t like pink or orange ..

    I hope you got your order and you weren’t disappointed 🙂

  11. nah u got ur timing wrong .I’m in the faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar east .

  12. HAAHA
    so food does get delivered by mail

  13. Qwaider you can send me some of her creations!

    za3tar, send some over too 😛

  14. Noura: hehe .. khalas, i’ll nominate you for an Honorary Bro status in our next Brohood meeting 😉 . El-hamdulilah, i got the order and was very pleased. As soon as i picked up the package, i was smiling, and didn’t stop smiling for hours 🙂

    Naser: Yeah, i thought it would be night time in Thailand at the time of the post 🙂

    Dandoon: hehe .. yeah that is the last resort 🙂

    KJ: Khalas, to2mor .. bas you should also send us some of your mom’s delicious cooking that you were teasing us with 🙂

  15. I couldn’t help but comment!!! I too live “fil 3’ourbah” but I make my own food and it’s really easy!!!! if you wish I can give you the recipe for both spinach pies and qatayef!!!!! no need to order and guess if it will be good or not… geez doesn’t anyone cook at home anymore *rolling eyes*

  16. WOW u can get mu3ajanat bil bareed! what abou mansaf?? hehe

    btw i wanted to comment on an earlier post about you not liking blogs with imaginary friends, and i must say my cow was offended and feels insulted by that comment as you have made her question her own existence

    hehe 🙂

  17. …and you get that by mail? good for you.

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