Brain Dump / Core Dump

I guess i have been silent for a while. It is not like I have nothing to say, but none of the bits and pieces in mind grew enough to constitute a legitimate post. Finally, i decided to lump them all together and dump them in one post.

Bloggers’ Bro Code

I was chatting with one Jar of Juice the other day discussing the status and needs of our corner of the blogosphere. We concluded that there is too much chaos and anarchy and that the true voice of singlehood has been muffled by the recent wave of “lovey dovey” romanticism. Following the example of Barney Stinson‘s Bro Code, and to deliver the final verdict on the dealings of bloggers on the internets, we started drafting the rules of the Bloggers’ Bro Code.

  • Rule #1: All Bro Bloggers are inherently cooler than “Bloggerettes”.
  • Rule #2: Only a few cool Bloggerettes are considered cool and have been given honorary Bro status.
  • Rule #120: The use of the lbs, inches, feet, and miles (or other English Units) is illegal and might strip you of your Bro title. Only Metric and SI units are acceptable.
  • Rule #150: Wara2 Dawali is cool. Wara2 Malfoof is just as cool as well. (amendment motioned by Hani)
  • Rule #151: Any Bro cooking wara2 dawali must notify at least three other Bros in his vicinity at least 24 hours in advance to give them a chance to come mooch off of him.
  • Rule #152: If a Bro is invited for some wara2 dawali, he can bring with him another bro blogger; The approval of the host is irrelevant and not required.
  • Rule #170: A few things in life are awesome. Wara2 Dawali & Wara2 Malfoof are Awesome!
  • Rule #200: Bro bloggers are single by nature. Romantic posts are permitted at a maximum rate of one post per month.
  • Rule #217: When referring to your spouse on your blog, the following terms are prohibited: sweety, honey, 3omri, 7ayaty, 7abeeb albi. The only acceptable reference is: “to2borni wliy 3ala amti shu rijjaaaal eben 3ammi”. Update: the term “husbandy” is prohibited as well. (amendment motioned by Hani)
  • Rule #230: l33t is dead. You are not a haxor. And Bro Bloggers with aliases of the type: xtra_kool, hot_ice ..etc will be stripped of their Brohood.
  • Rule #250: Blogs with more than 3 shades of pink are not cool.
  • Rule #251: Blogs that use the orange color correctly are cool.
  • Rule #255: Each Bro Blogger can have at most one imaginary friend. Imaginary characters are not entitled to their own imaginary friends.


I can not explain the logic of guys like this (you should at least read the title). Their complete and utter stupidity is beyond comprehension, and they really do give faith and the rest of us a bad name.

A Day By The Lake

Last week before Ramadan, my advisor invited our group to his lake house for some barbecue and fun; and it was alot of fun! It was a beautiful sunny day, we had some good food, and nice chats. The lake was warm and calm. I was encouraged to try kayaking, and i did. It was my first time, and it was AMAZING! Ahh .. it is so great to have a nice boss/advisor.

Lake View

The view from his lake house.

Facts Are Overrated

Maybe it is my Palestinian & Arab genes; but i am addicted to news and politics. So naturally over the past weeks i followed the developments in Russia/Georgia, and the American Democratic and Republican conventions. It became clear to me that facts don’t matter quite alot. At some level, i knew this already, but the idealist in me tried to deny it. I have always tried to convince my self that substance rather than presentation is what matters most. Not true!

You can get away with the most ridiculous statement ever if you present it correctly. Sometimes you don’t even have to even present it elegantly. All you have to do is just repeat it over and over and it becomes fact. Isn’t it amazing ?! You can promote propaganda to facts just like that !!

The most recent events in American politics give you all the examples you need. I do not have deep favoring for one party over the other. All i really want is somebody to push the Middle East Peace Process forward. Currently it seems that Obama is more likely to do that than McCain. It has been interesting to see the Republicans attack Obama on experience and then have to justify picking Palin as the VP candidate. All of a sudden this unknown person is being promoted as the champion of the common man. Her words and speeches say one thing, and her record says another. Yet the Republican pundits are sitting on TV shows distorting the truth very severely. I guess the Democrats might do the same thing. But the extent to which it is being done by the Republican party is just ridiculous. How dumb do they think people are ? Anyway, this satirical segment sums it up pretty nicely.

Google Chrome

So Google introduced this new browser, and the world is buzzing. Part of this buzz is that which surrounds every Google product release. The part of this world-wide buzz is because this is one of the company’s few ventures to the world of the desktops, and this product could develop into something more serious. The company that is known for making web applications wants to provide a solid platform for its applications to run on.

I didn’t see a huge technological breakthrough in Google’s browser. They use the WebKit rendering engine which is supposed to be good. I really liked the idea of encapsulating each tab in a separate process. However, this is not totally new, and has been introduced a couple of years ago by some researchers at the University of Washington. I haven’t played much with this since it is for Windows only at this time. But i sure will try it when it is made available for Linux.

I am not sure whether this will trigger a new browser war or not. After all, Firefox 3.1 is on its way and it is claiming an even faster rendering engine and a very very fast JavaScript interpreter. All three major rendering engines (Trident, Gecko, and WebKit) are sticking more and more to standards.

Regardless of what will happen. This sure is a good boost for web application development. We sure are at the beginning of a new phase of web applications. My hunch it is all about interactivity, performance, and storing application data on the client browser side.

Argh, this semester is promising to be a busy and hectic one. In addition to what my friends are referring to as a “zalamah” schedule of high load classes, i have the added load of working on a research paper that is targeting a recent conference. Yeppi for me i guess (*said sarcastically*). As you might have guessed, the “Core Dump” in the title is a small attempt at humor of what i am going through with my code base right now. Clearly my sense of humor is not my strong point 🙂

Ramadan Kareem
Last but not least, a late Ramadan Kareem everybody! May this blessed month find you well this year, and in years to come.

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  1. LOL @ bro code, creative yet hilarious. I’ll allow the other “bloggerettes” to freak about rule #1
    I love the lake and kayaking, except am not allowed to go alone 🙁
    Ramadan Kareem to you as well 🙂

  2. LOOOOOOOOOL nahfeh!

    Loved the Bro Code! Well done!

    @ politics it is not my venue 😀

    @ chrome… don’t diss de google! They own your content 😛

    @ overload… Allah y3eenak… bethoon tawwel balak!

    @ ramadan… ramadan mubarak to you too!

  3. Even though the bro code was kinda sexist , I have to admit it was really ta7sheeesh !!
    Too bad I was rolling wara2 dawali for our breakfast today ! no dawali for u 2 hehe

    About the over load , good luck with that and have fun :: said no so sarcastically ::

    w Kol 3am w enta b kheir =D

  4. dude this post is way too long .i’ll continue later 😀

    – Bro Code is awesome 😀

    – That Shiekh isn’t any better than the Priests child molesters .he is as bad,no he is worse .

    – and i don’t f*in understand how on Earth did this Palin pick move work out and moved them up in the polls, today’s Gallup’s poll shows McCain 7 points ahead of Obama (+-3) !!!!!!!!!!!! I really don’t understand its just non sense .

    be back later.
    did u watch TDS and TCR this week ? :d

  5. Batoul: hehe .. thanks. “creative yet hilarious” .. are you implying that my usual creative stuff is depressing ? 🙂 The lake and kayak was amazing! But i don’t take advantage of it .. this is maybe the second time i went there.

    KJ: Tislam Jarjous .. walaw .. you are the co-author on that code (i’m taking you down with me 😉 ). … on politics … i totally understand .. politics is usually depressing 🙁

    Lost Within: Lah lah lah .. allah eysam7ik .. sexist ?!! tsuk tsuk tsuk … Also, on the dawali … what ?!! are you going to violate the code so quickly ? I’ll make sure i call for your Bro status to be revoked in our next administrative meeting ;-p

    Naser: hehe .. Thanks ..i realized that this post should have been split into two posts 🙂 .. but it’s too late for that now :-). As for that Sheikh, i don’t want to make comparisons .. my point is how can such people justify such bad acts by religion ? It is truly sad, and they only make our religion look bad. … As for the Palin pick, i think it was all about politics (not strictly based on qualifications). I think he wanted to make his ticket more exciting, and try to claim that his ticket would be historic as well. .. it sort of worked because Palin is getting alot of press (i think it is mostly because of her gender at this point). .. i don’t know … it was purely politics to make some buzz around him IMHO. … I haven’t looked at the latest Gallup polls … but that sucks as well! .. anyway.. it is politics i guess.

    yeah, i love TDS and TCR .. i usually never miss an episode 🙂 you ?

  6. That’s too kewl, bro!

  7. You answered your question in KJ’s comment back “politics is usually depressing” lool..
    can I be in the bro code?… wait, let me quote you from before — “Za3tar says:
    dude … i will institute you the merit of an “honorary member of the man species”” hmmmm, says it all my friend lol.

  8. Iman: hehe .. thanks.

    Batoul: Hahaha .. are you trying to blackmail me ?! 🙂 lah don’t worry .. you are given an honorary Bro status. From now on you are to be known as “Bro Batoul” or “BarBoora” for short :-p

  9. isn’t barboora a booger in Jordanian? Consider yourself a dead brother.

  10. Batoul: hahaha .. you caught me 😀

  11. LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL @ the rules!! fay2eeno ray2een walahi HAHAHAHA 😀 !!

  12. yea it worked bloody well for him ! i thought “Stephen Colbert’s make Mc Cain exciting – not make surfing boring LOL- was better though 😀

    i wish Americans would snap out of it and focus !all the news now is about Palin vs Obama ! Mc Cain is rarely mentioned :///

    of course i watch TDS and TCR, I’m also active on ,you’d love those Americans,come join us .

  13. Rule #1 Are you trying to start another gender war ? 🙂
    Rule #3 Hurrrrrrrrrrray!

    Rule #150 I vote for an ammendment: Wara2 Malfoof is much cooler than Wara2 Dawali!

    Rule #217 What about husbandy 😛

    Why is the numbering out of sequence ? Where are the missing secret rules ? 🙂

    Rule #255 Moogle won’t like this!

    (stupidity) <—– Stupid Fatwas like this are a dozen a dime, the funniest one I heard said that female employees should breastfeed their mail coworkers at least once so that they will be permitted to work with them (i.e. no khalwa gheyr shar3iyeh).

    (A day by the lake) <—– Too lazy to kayak, but I loved sailing on a lake (especially capsizing 90/180 degrees!).

    (Facts are overrated) <—— Palin/Maccain keep telling lies about obama like (he will raise taxes on everyone) when in fact he may raise taxes for the (top 1% richest people in the country). If they keep telling the lie long enough, people will eventually believe it. Obama hasn’t provided a powerful response yet. Mccain is currently leading slightly in the polls since announcing Palin. I think they hype/newness of having her will die off by election time. All you have to know is that she was in a party that wanted Alaska to split form the US to know she’s a cook.

    (Google Chrome) <—– we’re not there yet. Still not good enough for me.

    By the way I think these each more than deserve their own post 😛

  14. LOL @ hani’s “husbandy” haha

  15. Maioush: hehehehe .. shayfeh, shoo warana i7na 🙂

    Naser: Yeah, i wish they’d snap out of it as well. This is the country that more or less will control the world for the next 4 years, and the candidates are spending their time arguing about the most trivial of things. As for the TDS and TCR, i watch the shows at night .. but i honestly don’t go on the boards .. maybe with a less stressful semester 🙂

    Hani: Sorry for the late reply.
    @Bro Code: HAHAHA .. you’re amendments are awesome 🙂 I agree with you on the need for an amendment for #150 & #217. However, Wara2 Malfouf is just as cool as Dawali. I’ll update the list now 🙂 #255, yeah i made it specifically for Moogle. AFAIK there aren’t many other imaginary characters running loose on the blogosphere ;-p .. I made the numbering sparse so that revealing rules from the missing numbers won’t be considered amendments but rather part of the “original text” 😀

    @Stupidity: Yeah, i heard about that one. I mean, come on, what was that guy thinking ?!! I seriously wonder if their brain checks some of these words before uttering them. I have to say, i got a nice chuckle when i first heard that coworkers comment, but it is sad to think that he might have been serious!

    @Day By The Lake: I’m too lazy to do sailing (or most other things 🙂 ) .. but i really should at least try once.

    @Facts Are Overrated: Yup I agree with you. It is ridiculous how the McCain campaign is making the general campaign focus on very trivial things. You are absolutely right, the Republican pundits just go everyday on news channels and pound in those outrages claims (without justification). Eventually, they become “facts” that the other sides need to rebuttal. It is ridiculous. Same thing with McCain/Palin on their stump speeches. I mean come one, when news media and independent sides debunk your claims on reform and earmarks and “the bridge to nowhere” and such things, why do you keep on repeating them ? It is odd that the general public might turn a blind eye towards this and just assume it is true if it has been said enough times. However, i guess this is universal and not just in the USA. Ah, it is depressing at times!

    @Google Chrome: Yeah, i would think twice before using Chrome as my personal day-to-day browser. But it is interesting to see how will things go now that Google is in it as well.

    Yeah, i found out that it is hard to discuss separate points when they are all lumped together in one post 🙂 .. maybe i should have trusted my impulse and posted each separately. 🙂

    Batoul: Yeah, that was funny bro

  16. lol at the rules, yet the most important one is missing:
    Rule # 0 : remove CAPTCHA from all the blogs :),
    and btw I have to get a new challenge three times before I can figure out what the words are :s !!!

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