Middle East Nuclear Weapon Free Zone [video+commentary]

As i am surfing YouTube for some videos, i come across the following entry discussing the behavior of US media when former US president Carter said that Israel has nuclear weapons (Fox News’ reaction made me laugh 🙂 ). The commentator in this video is a very calm Indian journalist; While discussing the history of nuclear weapons in the Middle East, he mentions that there have been many proposals that were pushed to the UN Security Council to make the Middle East a zone free of nuclear weapons (in ’74 by Iran, ’85 by Egypt, ’89 by Syria, and ’03 by Syria).

This is weird. If the United States and other nations are worried about the volatility of the region, why don’t they approve such proposals ? After all, the US and other nations can come to the rescue if any country breaks that agreement. Well, i am not that naive, i know the reason. But, how can people in the US or UK live with such contradiction ? If their countries are truly committed to stabilizing that region, why don’t they push for such resolutions ?

Anyway, here is an article about an even more recent push for such treaty.

It is perplexing to me that the US and other countries can continuously claim rightousness and moral superiority publicly then do a ton of dirty work under the hood without the majority of the public turning against them.

  1. Excellent video, thanks for sharing it.
    Fox news is really the true axis of evil. And a driving force into making the US public more ignorant by falsifying and covering the truth in favor of their “allies”
    As for the US foreign policy, it REALLY doesn’t take a nuclear scientist to figure out how they and why they failed. Just look up biased, and double standards in the dictionary! You just can’t be the good guys if you have double standards! Plain and simple!

  2. Qwaider: Yup. I agree

  3. Why would the US complain about Israel having nuclear weapons when they consider it an ally and “unoficially” gave it the uranium to setup its nuke program

    Of course a bigger double standard than the way the US deals with Israel on nukes is the fact that the US is the only country in the history of the world to ever use them to mass murder people.

    Harry Trueman and Adolf Hitler are equally evil in my book.

  4. Hani: The US also supplied arms to Iraq during the first gulf war with Iran. Then ten years later they went searching for them.
    As for the use of nukes, i saw a program the other day in which they were saying how the use of the two nukes on Japan was not really necessary to end the war. The funny thing about history is that it is written by the victorious. Nowadays history (and even the present) is written from the point of view of the Americans. Who knows, had the war or the cold war gone differently, maybe we will be typing now in Russian and will be taking it as a given that Truman was bad while Stalin was good. It seems that objectivity is more or less a mythical concept 🙁 (yes i am babbling)

  5. No not babbling at all. If the world was destined to end up with one superpower the US or the USSR, I’m glad it turned out to be the US. However it’s the least crappy of two very lousy options as US foreign policy has pretty much ruined the region politically, and economically for at least the next decade.

    No one ever argued that the nukes were needed to end the war, just that they helped end it quicker. Of course using them for me is a crime against humanity just as grave as the nazi’s human ovens or concentration camps. An A-bomb doesn’t even discriminate by race, it kills anything and everything and keeps killing and causing cancers and suffering long after the war is over. In fact the US should be paying reparations to Japan in the same manner that Germany is still paying reparations to Israel (including a 50% discount on dolphin submarines to carry Israel’s nuclear CBMs.). Like an abused child often turns into an abusing father, it is Israel’s turn to take out the sickness released on them on the Palestinians. What a piece of work we all are. What flawed design!

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